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Villas for Sale in World Islands

villas for sale dubai world islands

Villas for Sale in World Islands

All hail Dubai – as it ascends as the future global icon of innovation in living and commerce. The villas for sale in the World Islands are just among the testaments of Dubai’s dedication to its glorious vision.

The World Islands and Palm Jumeirah are just two of the city’s unprecedented projects that aim to expand its tourism, housing, and economy in general. Dubai continues to show that everything is possible, from building the tallest structures to sprawling across the map.

World Islands Villas

The 300-island archipelago of the World Islands intends to provide a glitzy and glamorous destination for leisure trips and living. The luxury villas for sale in the World Islands are the ones to consider because these properties will give you the most out of your investment.

villas for sale dubai world islands

The Floating Seahorse

If you love marine life, a World Island villa is for you. The Floating Seahorse offers one of the most unique and outrageous living experiences – your house floating on the Arabian Gulf while you sleep with the fish underwater. How does that sound? 

The Floating Seahorse villas feature furnished bedrooms submerged in the sea at the lower deck level; living space, a kitchen, and a swimming pool on the sea-level deck; an upper deck with a terrace and mini-bar for gatherings; and three bathrooms per unit.

There are two designs of Floating Seahorse Villas

Tzar Edition with a total area of 3,100 square feet and includes three bedrooms

Signature Edition with a total area of 4,004 square feet and includes four bedrooms. The price starts at AED 20.325 M

Amenities in The Floating Seahorse

Yacht-like living


Direct access to the sea

Under the sea bedrooms


Swimming pool

Spacious layout


A kitchen and a kitchenette


24/7 security

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Zuha Island

Zuha Island embodies ultra-luxurious private island living. This island intends to provide exclusivity as it will only accommodate 30 limited-edition private residences for sale and 70 resort villas for rent.

The exterior and interior of the residential villas for sale have a remarkable balance of geometry and state-of-the-art facilities. These villas include six bedrooms with total areas ranging from 24,000 square feet to 41,000 square feet. The starting price of Zuha Island villas is AED 60,000,000.

Your investment is worth it, as this 2.5 million-square-foot island will be loaded with all the luxuries you may not find in other luxury villas for sale in the World Islands.

Zuha Island

Amenities on Zuha Island

private island living

Fully furnished



Stunning waters

Views of the Dubai skyline


All-day dining


Kids Club

Beach Club

Caviar bar

Beach club pool


Floating tennis court

Pool bar



Healing center

Tennis court

Football field

Germany Island

Meet German culture in luxury villas for sale in the World Islands. The Germany Island in the broader Heart of Europe offers 32 eco-friendly villas: 15 beach villas and 17 villas surrounding the central seawater lagoon.

The horseshoe-like shape of Germany Island enables breathtakingly unique panoramic views. It features a natural landscape with various tropical plant species sustained by its cutting-edge automatic irrigation system.

Germany Island offers fully furnished five-bedroom villas with areas ranging from 9,641 to 12,127 square feet. These villas feature a gorgeous sun deck with a swimming pool. Owners of these villas will also have full ownership rights of exclusive beaches. The starting price of Germany Island villas is AED 29,000,000 and Apartments for sale in World Islands through APIL Properties

Germany Island

Amenities on Germany Island

barbecue area

Playing grounds

Beach Club

Restaurants and Cafes

Shopping centers

Medical center

Fitness center

Public parks

Sauna, jacuzzi


swimming pool

24/7 security

guards and CCTV

On-call maintenance staff

Laundry facility

cleaning services

Lavish lobby

Service elevator


Sun deck + swimming pool

and seating furniture

grocery stores

Sweden Island

Sweden Island is the superlative of exclusivity. It is undoubtedly the island for the affluent as it offers a collection of only ten villa-palaces resembling genuine Swedish architecture.

Each beach villa in Sweden Island has a total area of 25,016 square feet and includes seven bedrooms with a myriad of amenities, including a gym studio, a massage room, a sauna, a snow room, an infinity pool & jacuzzis. The villas are 6 to 12 meters away from each other and are surrounded by rich vegetation and gardens. The starting price of villas in Sweden Island is AED 125,000,000.

Arial view Of World Island Dubai

Why Invest in Villas on the World Islands?

Proximity matters. You don’t have to travel far to unwind. These villas for sale on the World Island deliver luxury beach life just 20 minutes from the city’s mainland.

World-class experience. The beaches, views, pools, restaurants & bars, events, sports facilities, and unique luxuries are just some of the reasons people will keep coming back.

Huge demand. While it primarily boasts its grandeur, the World Islands cater to a range of markets, including individuals and families, affluent and middle-income earners, and those looking for lucrative investments and just travelling.

ROI is guaranteed. The value for money in any villas for sale in World Island is out of the question. Once the entire archipelago is completed, the value of properties will continue to rise.

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