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address dubai mall
3 Rooms
3 Beds
4 Baths
1,981 ft2
2 Rooms
3 Baths
1,325 ft2
3 Rooms
3 Beds
3 Baths
2,116 ft2
Downtown Views
2 Beds
3 Baths
1,313 ft2
2 Rooms
2 Beds
2 Baths
1,648 ft2

Buy Luxury Real Estate in UAE

The road for APIL Properties to become Dubai’s top real estate company began in 2016. Since then, we have provided top-notch real estate services and brand-new properties for sale in Dubai that are situated in some of the best areas in the United Arab Emirates. In 2022, real estate in Dubai will remain a good tool for capital multiplication. Out of many, a  few of the dominating reasons to buy an apartment in Dubai are the excellent architecture, dynamic infrastructure, and world-class living facilities the city offers.

The apartments for sale in Dubai beat new records from year to year. New diverse housing is being built: from premium luxury villas for sale in Dubai to budget new apartments for sale. To avoid getting lost in various projects, APIL Properties and expert real estate agents bring the best new Dubai properties for sale if you want to buy property in  Dubai, whether an apartment, a house, or a villa, browse our extensive property listings and find yourself the best property for sale.

Regarding houses for sale and villas to buy, we also offer great options that you can choose from at competitive prices. In addition, luxury villas for sale in Dubai will let you buy property in the poshest and the most advanced communities in the UAE. With our leading real estate company, you can also find one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments for sale in  Dubai. Our wide range of real estate services will make your property-finding experience hassle-free and convenient. Furthermore, we offer property management and UAE  residency visa and citizenship services to assist our clientele on a wider platform. Contact us today, and grab the opportunity to buy property in Dubai.

Why Choose Us?

Real Estate Experts

Our real estate agents are trained individuals with a lot of field experience in Dubai properties for sale. If you desire to buy an apartment, a house, a villa, or any other real estate in Dubai, contact our trusted real estate company.

New Properties for Sale

Being one of the top-ranked real estate companies, we offer a wide selection of luxury villas for sale in Dubai, apartments for sale in Dubai, and houses for sale in Dubai, that you can buy on easy payment terms.

Premium Location

Dubai is a dynamic metropolis, offering investment opportunities for interested buyers. Our properties for sale in Dubai are located in the country's most high-demand and posh communities.

Top Reasons People Love to Invest in Dubai's Real Estate

What Is Real Estate Investment?

Property investment is the investment of money in any real estate for profit or to maintain existing savings. You can invest not only in apartments in new buildings or the housing market but also in commercial facilities, off-plan properties, and land plots. As a rule, investors investing their own or borrowed funds in real estate to buy an apartment in Dubai pursue the following goals:

Receive passive income (monthly payments from renting or renting real estate, dividends from securities), and make a profit from Dubai property for sale and save existing savings. One of the main advantages of investing in real estate is stability. Even in a crisis, when you buy a home in Dubai, it can be profitably sold or rented out, and over time, its value only increases. With the right approach, residential and commercial spaces can provide high one-time profits (when reselling) or reliable passive income(when renting). Of the advantages, one can also note the variability in the use of real estate. This asset may be sold, rented, or used for personal residence.

The best thing about properties for sale in Dubai is the possibility of choice. Three-room apartment or two-room house? An apartment for sale in Dubai or a house for sale in Dubai? Or maybe you like commercial real estate? With the right research, you can find a place that is right for you financially and based on personal preference. Tax incentives. Investing in real estate in Dubai can help reduce your taxes because you can claim several deductions when you file your tax return. For example, loan interest, repairs, maintenance, and building depreciation.

Why not be a good reason to invest in real estate? Assets will rise in value. This is perhaps the most important thing. History shows that real estate prices have continued to increase steadily in the UAE. If you are willing to invest long-term, you will see capital gains. Doubling property values within ten years is certainly not unprecedented, especially in major cities like Dubai. The final reason to invest in real estate is everyone needs somewhere to live. At the very least, you can buy a home for yourself.  In addition, the population continues to grow, which means that there will always be people looking for housing, and you can sell your property to them.  So, if you have decided to buy a house or a villa, our real estate agency can help you find the best one in your preferred location. Beautiful Dubai homes for sale listed by us will surely help you build an asset that will be a great investment for generations to come.

Additional Services

real estate agents in dubai

Residency Visa Consultation

Our real estate company helps clients who wish to start a business and obtain a residency visa in the UAE. We coordinate the entire visa processing service.

Citizenship Service in Dubai

Citizenship Service

Our real estate company Dubai provides Citizenship by Investment services all over the globe to countries like Vanuatu, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, and many more.

Legal Service in Dubai

Legal Service

At APIL Properties, we provide the best legal services for real estate transactions, licensing, registration, financing, and more.

Mortgage Advisory

Mortgage Advisory

APIL Properties offers optimal mortgage consultancy that addresses the core concerns of those in need. Our experts are proficient in handling mortgage-related issues.

Property Handover Service in Dubai

Property Handover Service

Our vast experience and meticulous approach toward the process of property handovers make us the most reliable real estate Dubai.

Property Management

Property Management

Our luxury property management extends to Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. We guarantee the management of every property-related detail using a cutting-edge CRM system.

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