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Citizenship program

Citizenship program

The UAE is undoubtedly an expatriate-friendly country and the first across the Gulf to offer a citizenship program to its foreign residents. However, the pathway to UAE citizenship is rather challenging. Fortunately, APIL Properties supports expats obtaining citizenship by investment in business or real estate. We provide extensive investment advisory services spanning various sectors. While the UAE passport is eligible only to select professionals, special talents, investors,

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A citizenship-by-investment program allows individuals to acquire citizenship in a country by making a substantial financial investment in that country. This investment can take the form of real estate purchases, donations, or other qualifying investments.

The Dubai Citizenship by Investment Program is a government initiative that allows eligible individuals to obtain Dubai or UAE citizenship by making a significant financial investment in the country.

The program may require qualifying investments, which could include purchasing real estate, contributing to a national development fund, investing in government-approved businesses, or other eligible investment options.

Eligibility criteria can vary, but typically, individuals with a clean criminal record, sufficient financial resources to meet investment requirements, and the ability to pass due diligence checks may be eligible to apply.

Benefits may include full UAE citizenship with the right to live and work in the country, access to world-class healthcare and education, enhanced global mobility with visa-free travel, and potential tax advantages.

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