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What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship of some countries can be obtained by investing money in the local economy: buying real estate or securities, starting a business, or creating jobs. This citizenship is called investment citizenship. If you decide to obtain citizenship by investment, you do not need to speak the language of the country or even do not have to reside in the country.

Why do people invest in a second citizenship?

Citizenship by Investment is a way to obtain a second citizenship. Some countries allow their citizens to have a second citizenship. But there are countries like Spain and Germany that do not allow second citizenship. If you acquire a Spanish passport, you must renounce Russian citizenship.

The second citizenship does not oblige the bearer to live in a country and offers the following opportunities:

  • enter 120-180 countries of the world without visas, including the EU and the USA;
  • obtain citizenship immediately for the whole family;
  • register a company and do business in another country;
  • acquire all rights on an equal basis with residents: teach children in schools and universities for free or cheaper than for foreigners, enjoy tax benefits, get medical treatment in the local clinics;
  • quickly move to another country in case of an unforeseen event.

Second citizenship is not a dual citizenship. Dual citizenship means that two countries recognize a person as their full-fledged citizen with the obligation to pay taxes only in the country of permanent physical residence.

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