About Palm Jebel Ali​

Living in Palm Jebel Ali is living in paradise with the most-anticipated and futuristic man-made island in Dubai shaped like a palm tree. This development is a community to look out for and here’s why:

About Palm Jebel Ali​
Palm Jebel Ali island

Palm Jebel Ali Islands

The Palm Jebel Ali Islands is an ongoing project done by Nakheel Properties. It is one of the three man-made islands planned by Nakheel called “Palm Islands” alongside Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira Islands. It was put on hold for a time but its construction is now almost complete. Palm Jebel Ali is planned to be twice the size of Palm Jumeirah with its area size around 13.4 square kilometres. The man-made archipelago will also add 110 kilometers of coastline to Dubai. The Palm Jebel Ali has seven islands shaped like a palm tree with a trunk and 17 branches. As reflected in its shape, the development is also conscious of its goal to be a sustainable community with around 30% of the facilities will be powered by renewable energy. On top of that, green spaces jogging and cycling paths, and many more, are integrated to keep up the goal of sustainability.

Palm Jebel Ali Location and Connectivity

Palm Jebel Ali is located southwest of Palm Jumeirah and is generally on the west side of central Dubai. This community is planned to have great accessibility to Dubai’s mainland to connect its islands and to have convenient travel. Various transportation methods were taken into consideration in its planning for convenience in its access, just as roads and bridges, a monorail system, and water transportation. In terms of its connectivity, it may require a bit of time-consuming travel to get to the islands from the key locations of Dubai. From Downtown Dubai, it is reachable in a 40-minute trip.

Dubai Marina needs 30 minutes to travel to get to the area. Among the main airports in Dubai, the Dubai International Airport (DXB) is 45 minutes away, and Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) is relatively closer with a travel time of 30 minutes.

Residential Properties in Palm Jebel Ali

If you plan to live in paradise then consider living in Palm Jebel Ali where you can have exclusive property at the most awaited man-made island. This luxurious paradise community will be able to house around 35,000 families in the residential units. The residential properties in Palm Jebel Ali will have a wide variety of types and sizes to be able to cater to different lifestyles. It will be a beautiful waterfront living in their apartments and luxury villas. A spacious-sized six-bedroom duplex that would be around 13,000 sq. ft. is planned by Nakheel to be a part of the exclusive villa collection. Among its residential area is the MOON with a large spherical replica of the moon that will feature around 500 premium residential units.

Commercial Properties in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali was imagined as an ideally suited commercial location, delivering an exceptional blend of advantageous location and breathtaking surroundings. The island's planned commercial properties aspired to establish a prestigious business environment that would attract both local and international businesses. Palm Jebel Ali, with its signature palm-shaped layout and beautiful waterfront views, was designed to provide a distinct and visually appealing location for businesses to establish their presence. The allure of being a part of a high-end development in one of the world's most dynamic business hubs, combined with the opportunity to network within a vibrant community, made Palm Jebel Ali an appealing choice for companies looking for a prestigious and strategically advantageous location for their commercial ventures.

Palm Jebel Ali Amenities and Features

The Palm Jebel Ali was planned to include pristine private beaches and unique marinas, providing residents and guests with an unrivalled waterfront experience. Parks, leisure areas, and vibrant gardens were designed to blend into the residential fabric, integrating nature with modern living. There will be 80 resorts and hotels in the community, including a five star 4k suite hotel and a six star hotel.

Leisure Activities in Palm Jebel Ali

Recreation and entertainment are also integrated with the planning of Palm Jebel Ali to provide leisure activities in the community. Aside from its beautiful beach access, there will also be themed waterparks for enjoyment. But one of its remarkable features will be the MOON. The MOON is a large replica of Luna with a size of 1,000 feet high 750 feet wide and 229 meters in diameter. Upon its completion, it will be the largest sphere in the world. Guests can act like astronauts and visit the Lunar colony and walk on the MOON’s surface.

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