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Property Handover Services

Ensure the utmost quality of your purchased property from any potential damages. APIL Properties, the authority in handover inspection, takes care of the rigorous property handover process. We have experts to help you – architects, engineers, and technical inspectors – scrutinize every detail of your new home through our extensiveย 

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Property handover services refer to the processes and assistance provided to property buyers and sellers during the transfer of property ownership or possession. These services ensure a smooth transition from one owner to another.

Property handover service providers facilitate the entire handover process, which may include property inspections, document verification, utility connections, and coordination with developers and authorities to ensure a seamless handover.

Property handover services help buyers by ensuring that the property is in the promised condition, all necessary documents are in order, and utility connections are established. This minimizes post-purchase hassles.


Sellers can expect assistance in preparing the property for handover, ensuring all outstanding dues and documents are cleared, and coordinating with the buyer or their representatives during the handover process.

While it's not mandatory, hiring a property handover service can significantly simplify the process and reduce the risk of post-handover issues. It is particularly useful for foreign buyers who may not be familiar with local regulations.


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