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Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is a difficult undertaking for most people, especially for bigger properties. More often than not, they tap on professional commercial property managers to help them with needed operations and requirements. But what makes hiring commercial property managers so important? 

What is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial property management services refers to the practice of supervising commercial properties. These include shopping centers, leisure facilities, office buildings, industrial complexes, hotels, restaurants, and more. Moreover, commercial property managers take on various tasks. Their tasks cover property maintenance, tenant relations, lease management, financial operations, and others. To understand more about commercial property management services, let’s first expound on the importance of hiring property managers.

Commercial property managment

Importance of Commercial Property Management Services

Companies that offer commercial property management services are the driving force for enhancing property value and ROI. This is why hiring property managers yields more benefits. The main importance of professional commercial property management is as follows:

Commercial property management services guarantee efficient day-to-day operations. Composing these tasks: maintenance, tenant management, financial management, leasing, and more. Property owners can focus on other tasks with the help of commercial property managers.

Commercial property managers are experts at keeping tenants happy and satisfied. They are professionals at handling issues and promptly responding to inquiries and requests. These efforts lead tenants to be satisfied and thus, higher chances of tenant retention.

Commercial property management services also cover regular maintenance and repairs. This is to prevent irreversible damage to the properties and keep them in good condition for a long time. Hence, property owners have the assurance that their properties are well-maintained.

Property managers administer all finances that involve managing properties. For instance, rent collection, budgeting, and financial reports. They are experts at compiling financial records to ensure that every cent is where it should be.

Employing professional commercial property management services saves you a lot of legal troubles. Property managers have appropriate knowledge and expertise regarding property laws and regulations.

Property managers are proficient in conducting research and strategies on how to maximize returns. Their knowledge and efficient market research enable them to put in a competitive rental price for the properties.

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Commercial Property Types

Commercial property management services are applied to any properties that fall under the commercial premises.


These are commercial property management services that mainly center on supervising retail establishments. Retail property management companies also need to cover other tasks on top of the main responsibilities.


Complexes and buildings are the properties that office commercial property management mainly caters to. Their responsibilities encompass:
Using the office space effectively
2: Maintain good condition of common areas and amenities


The entertainment properties covered by commercial property management services include: Hotels, Entertainment venues, Resorts, Sports facilities, Amusement parks.


Industrial Properties

These properties refer to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

Hospitality Properties

These are usually properties that offer lodging accommodations for tourists, travelers, etc. Examples of these are hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, etc.

Restaurants and Bars

This falls under commercial premises as they operate as a business. It needs property managers to deal with the daily operations and needs of the establishment.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions fall under commercial premises. This is because it generates revenue through tuition and receives funds from third-party institutions or the government.

Mixed Use Development

These types of commercial properties often offer a mix of residential, commercial, or even industrial located in one development. 

Commercial property Manager

What is a Commercial Property Manager?

A commercial property manager is a professional who personally oversees commercial rental properties. Simply put, commercial property managers act on the property owner’s behalf. They cater to all the needs and requirements of the commercial rental property. For example, tenant management, financial aspects, legal compliance, and so on. APIL Properties is a Dubai real estate broker composed of a team of expert property managers. We are highly detailed and proficient at catering to the special needs of commercial property management.

Responsibilities of a Commercial Property Manager

Commercial property managers have multiple responsibilities. Their key tasks can be split into either operational tasks or financial tasks. These include:

Organizing a preventive maintenance plan is beneficial in property management. This ensures that the properties will maintain their good condition for a long time. Addressing damages or small maintenance needs before it gets worse prevents irreparable damages in the long term. 

Resolving issues, prompt responses, and a professional attitude is the perfect recipe for preventing tenant disputes. On the other hand, it also helps in satisfying the tenants and increasing chances for tenant retention.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Unfortunately, for property owners who manage their own properties, these instances are extremely difficult. However, for commercial property managers, they have it under control. They usually have a team of contractors

Commercial property management services also entail the need to attract tenants effectively. They do this using various marketing strategies to highlight the qualities of your properties. Property managers also do the tenant screening to ensure that you have suitable and good tenants.

When you employ commercial property management services, you are mostly assured that legal disputes and issues will be handled effectively. Legal risks and issues may be one of the main downsides of managing your properties on your own. Navigating through the intricate path of property laws and regulations necessitates professional guidance.

Differences Between Commercial Property Management Services and Residential Property Management Services

While commercial and residential property management services hold several similarities, they also have their differences. Both entail the supervision and management of the in and out of rental real estate properties. However, their main differences are:


Residential and commercial property management cater to different types of clients. Residential property management refers to properties meant for individual or family living. Meanwhile, commercial property management covers business, office, and entertainment purposes.

Regulations and Leases

Commercial property managers need to be extremely thorough with the laws pertaining to commercial properties. They might even need constant supervision from lawyers. These properties also have longer lease terms. On the other hand, residential properties do not need as much legal supervision and have shorter lease terms.

Style of Management

Residential properties tend to need less close supervision from property managers. However, commercial properties need a closer watch from property managers to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Property Management Company in Dubai

Dubai is a city full of capable and efficient commercial property management companies. However, if you want to find the most ideal one for you, look for these qualities.

Extensive Experience

Substantial experience is the tell-tale sign that the company has excellent expertise and knowledge in the real estate market.

 Exceptional Reputation

Good reviews always follow good companies. This is the one indication of an excellent company that offers great services.

Transparency and Clear Communication

Always go for a company that communicates well with their clients and is more than happy to share every process with you. 


Property management fees are also a subject of concern. You should consider the companies that are within your budget yet still offer high-quality services.

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Commercial property management services involve all the needed processes to keep your property in good condition and satisfy your clients. Managing commercial properties is usually more tricky than residential properties. It requires more attention, unique services, and more legal obligations. This is why hiring commercial property managers is recommended for property owners. They are experts in both accomplishing operational and financial responsibilities. They also ensure to maximize your rental income and enhance commercial property value.


Residential properties have shorter lease terms than commercial properties. On the other hand, it requires less supervision and legal obligations than commercial properties.

Examples of commercial properties are retail, office, entertainment, industrial properties, restaurants & bars, and hospitality properties. It also includes educational institutions and mixed-use development.

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