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All About EMAAR Beachfront

You do not need to go far to enjoy the marvel of nature when it is blended together with the urban lifestyle in Dubai Creek Harbour. Check out all about Dubai Creek Harbour and discover a new way of living in a sustainable style.

EMAAR Beachfront Apartments Accessibility

EMAAR Beachfront

Along Dubai’s famous seacoast, EMAAR Beachfront stands out as a distinctive waterfront neighbourhood that expertly combines opulent living with a prestigious location. Before EMAAR Beachfront existed, it was once Dubawi Island, but now it was developed by EMAAR properties alongside Meraas Holding to be a contemporary oasis that accommodates many lifestyles, EMAAR Beachfront offers a variety of expertly planned living, working, and recreational facilities.

Proximity of EMAAR Beachfront

One of the best things, when you choose EMAAR Beachfront, is the convenient proximity to the multiple key locations in Dubai. Dubai Marina is only a minute away from the community to enjoy its recreational activities. But if you choose to go to the bustling city, Downtown Dubai is only a 15-minute journey. You are also close to Expo 2021 with only a 25-minute trip. If you need to travel domestically or internationally, the Dubai International Airport (DXB) is a convenient 20-minute drive away from you.

EMAAR Beachfront is also accessible through different transportation. You can ride your private car, hail a taxi, or choose public transportation. Here are the different options when you ride the bus or the Dubai Metro:

Via Bus

Via Bus, You can ride the following bus lines and stop near EMAAR Beachfront
8 N55 83 84 85

Via Dubai Metro Station

The Dubai Marina Metro Station is conveniently located along the Red Line and is the nearest metro station to EMAAR Beachfront. From there, people can choose to take a brief taxi or use a ride-sharing service to get the rest of the way to EMAAR Beachfront.

Residential Properties in EMAAR Beachfront

EMAAR Beachfront offers a stunning choice of residences that represent grandeur and contemporary living along Dubai’s waterfront with over 10,000 Residential Units and 27 Residential Towers. The property offers a wide range of residential units, from elegantly designed apartments to luxurious penthouses and vast podium-level townhouses. Each individual can pick a home that suits their needs and lifestyle because of the variety of residential options available. The apartments offer a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality and are meticulously constructed to optimize natural light and stunning vistas. On the other side, the penthouses offer a higher level of splendor and often include private terraces, swimming pools, and sizable living areas that redefine luxury living. The podium-level townhouses add a special touch by enabling easy access to the neighborhood’s facilities while still enjoying the tranquillity of a separate home.

EMAAR Beachfront Amenities

EMAAR Beachfront broadens superior living by Dubai's coastline with its outstanding array of high-end amenities. It carefully attends to the needs of residents' social, recreational, and wellness necessities offering everything from exclusive beach access and tranquil maintained gardens to cutting-edge fitness centers, infinity pools, and fine dining places, especially with its 13,000 sqm Retail Mall. Here is a list of nearby amenities in the area:


Malls are one-stop places for shopping, dining, or entertainment needs, here are two of the malls that you can access nearby:
Dubai Marina Mall
Golden Mile Galleria


Need to restock your supplies? Good thing there are supermarkets close by like:
Plus Point Supermarket
Caramel Centre Supermarket
Atlantis Fresh Supermarket


If you want to eat out here are some options to dine near EMAAR Beachfront:
Al Shorfa Restaurant & Café
The Beach Bar & Grill by Mauro Colagreco


If you are in an emergency or just need of a doctor’s visit, here are some of the clinics and hospitals near the area:
Mediclinic Meadows
Al Zahra Hospital
Saudi German Hospital

Schools Near EMAAR Beachfront

Several prominent institutions within a 5-kilometre radius of EMAAR Beachfront provide a variety of high-quality educational options, catering to different educational interests. Families in this beachfront neighborhood have easy access to a variety of excellent educational options.

Nursery School

EMAAR Beachfront has eight nursery schools within a five-kilometer vicinity.

Jumeirah International Nursery Palm Jumeirah

Jumeirah International Nursery (JINS) Palm Jumeirah is 1.0 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Palm Jumeirah.

Babilou Palm Jumeirah

Babilou Palm Jumeirah is 1.0 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Palm Jumeirah with an annual fee of AED 50,000.

Redwood Montessori Nursery Palm

Redwood Montessori Nursery Palm is 1.3 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Palm Jumeirah with an annual fee of AED 52,000.

Raffles Early Childhood Centre Dubai Marina

Raffles Early Childhood Centre Dubai Marina is 1.8 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Dubai Marina with an annual fee of AED 44,000.

Monroe's Nursery

Monroe's Nursery is 1.9 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Jumeirah Beach Residence with an annual fee of AED 56,700.

Dewdrops Nursery

Dewdrops Nursery is 2.4 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Jumeirah Lakes Towers with an annual fee of AED 19,750.

Mosaic Nursery

Mosaic Nursery is 2.4 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Jumeirah Lakes Towers with an annual fee of AED 35,100.

Jumeirah International Nursery (JINS) JBR

Jumeirah International Nursery (JINS) JBR is 2.7 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

British Curriculum

Three schools with a British curriculum are accessible in EMAAR Beachfront within five kilometers.

Dubai College

Dubai College is 3.0 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Al Sufouh with an annual fee of AED 90,000.

Regent International School

Regent International School is 3.5 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at The Greens with an annual fee of AED 54,500.

GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai

GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai is 4.6 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Al Sufouh with an annual fee of AED 68,000.

American Curriculum

There are conveniently three American curriculum schools that are in a five-kilometre radius of EMAAR Beachfront.

GEMS Dubai American Academy

GEMS Dubai American Academy is 4.1 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Al Barsha with an annual fee of AED 82,500.

American School of Dubai

American School of Dubai is 4.2 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Al Barsha with an annual fee of AED 77,500.

Next Generation School

Next Generation School is 4.9 km from EMAAR Beachfront located at Al Barsha with an annual fee of AED 35,000.

Commercial Units in EMAAR Beachfront

A variety of carefully planned commercial spaces can be found at EMAAR Beachfront, adding a vibrant element to this elegant beachfront district. These commercial spaces, which are thoughtfully positioned in the development’s centre, provide the perfect balance of convenience and elegance. The commercial establishments in this area combine to form a thriving social and economic centre, from trendy retail stores that meet residents’ essential needs to chic cafes and restaurants that provide delectable cuisine while providing breathtaking sea views. Their visible location guarantees maximum exposure and accessibility, frequently located along the promenade or next to the main community entrances. With the neighbourhood’s mix of residential and leisure activities, these commercial areas become natural gathering places, encouraging a feeling of community engagement while meeting the practical needs of residents and visitors alike. The perfect integration of these business properties inside EMAAR Beachfront exemplifies the development’s dedication to providing residents with a complete and refined lifestyle.

Leisure Activities in EMAAR Beachfront

The EMAAR Beachfront Community is built to provide a wide range of attractions and recreational pursuits that cater to the varied interests of its residents. There are a lot of fun things to do in EMAAR Beachfront with its different leisure activities. Here are some of it:

Private Beach Access

The EMAAR Beachfront's private beach access is one of its most sought-after characteristics. Aside from relaxing on the sandy beaches and participating in various water sports, community members can take strolls along the shore.

Infinity Pools

The neighbourhood has magnificent infinity pools with views of the Arabian Gulf. These pools provide a tranquil setting for relaxation, sunbathing, and taking in the expansive views of the sea and cityscape.

Children's Play Areas

Children's play spaces are specifically designed to give children living there a fun and secure environment in which to explore, play, and interact.

Yacht and Boat Facilities

Residents have access to marinas and boat amenities due to its location within Dubai Harbour, enabling a seamless integration of marine recreation.

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