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About World Islands Dubai

Possibilities are endless when you hear all about World Islands Dubai. Imagine travelling across seven continents in one day – no visas required. Sounds insane?

About World Islands Dubai

World Islands Dubai

What’s more astounding is the construction of World Islands Dubai, an archipelago of 300 islands, sand-dredged across the Arabian Gulf. World Islands Dubai comprises islands spanning around 250,000 to 900,000 square feet organized like a world map, representing the seven continents. Each island is named after countries, regions, landmarks, or personalities.

construction of World Islands Dubai


World Islands Dubai is situated 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai. Bridges are still underway. Regardless, there are available ways to reach these magnificent islands.

Via Boat

The fastest way to get to World Islands Dubai is via boat. Residents of the islands use speedboats, while tourists can ferry to the islands from companies that offer boat rides to the World Islands Dubai, usually from Umm Suqeim 2 marinas.

Via Car

Once constructions are completed, bridges will link every islet. The coasts, where boats are docked to World Islands Dubai, are accessible through Sheikh Zayed Road.

Via Dubai Metro

Riding the Dubai Metro can also be an option for those visiting the islands. The Onpassive Metro Station is the nearest station to the marinas bringing people to World Islands Dubai.

Via Plane

The most exciting way, yet the most expensive, to get to World Islands Dubai is through helicopters and seaplanes.

Residential Units in World Islands Dubai

Not all 300 islands are complete and available. Among the few islands accessible for living or leisure are The Heart of Europe, Lebanon Island, and South America Island.

The Heart of Europe, World Islands

Covering 6 million square feet, The Heart of Europe includes six themed islands: Main Europe, The Floating Venice, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and St. Petersburg.The Heart of Europe features hotels, plazas, climate-controlled streets where you experience artificial rain and outdoor snow, and beachfront resorts for leisure and events. These islands will be home to 14 hotel resorts and 2,000 villas.

Main Europe Island

Côte D’ Azur is a French Riviera in World Islands Dubai, particularly Main Europe Island. It comprises four Mediterranean city-themed hotels named after Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez. It has seven duplex penthouses, 113 hotel suites, and 872 apartments. Its amenities include watersports, snorkeling, and diving.


This Swedish-inspired island introduces ten luxurious 4-story palaces, including 7-bedroom waterfront homes and Bentley Home-designed units. This island accents its infinity pools and elevators in each unit; cinema, gym, and sauna on the ground floor; and a stunning glass-roofed nightclub at the rooftop.


The Germany Island is horseshoe-shaped for a perfect lagoon living experience. It offers 32 five- and six-bedroom villas with a private pool, terraces, and direct access to beaches. This island will also have hotels and nurseries.

The Floating Venice

The Floating Venice is an underwater vessel resort. It highlights Venetian-inspired luxurious cabin suites, with one of its four decks built below sea level.


This island will bring you the thrills of Switzerland while afloat ting the Arabian Gulf. It will feature a green mountain with a spa, over 100 luxury residential units comprising furnished 2 to 6-bedroom chalets, and an ice cave swimming pool with a bar.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Island is a heart-shaped island, hence referred to as Honeymoon Island. It accommodates 131 one- to four-bedroom Floating Seahorse Villas offering modern and lavish marine-style living. It highlights its underwater bedrooms.

Amenities in World Islands Dubai

With an area of approximately 5.4 miles, World Islands Dubai has so much to offer its residents and guests. Depending on the developer and master plans, each island has varying jaw-dropping amenities. Note, however, that the majority of these islands are in development. Some features you will find are the following:

Sandy beaches


Pools, including infinity pools and giant pools

Hotels, including underwater hotels


Restaurants and bars


Shopping centers

Spas, salons, and health clubs


Areas for social events, sports, and underwater activities

Climate control systems for streets and palaces

Commercial Spaces in World Islands Dubai

Côte d’ Azur

Côte D’ Azur is one of the flagship properties in World Islands Dubai of Main Europe Island in World Islands Dubai. It boasts of its giant blue pool, floating decks, the rainy street, snorkelling, coral reefs, marine life, and authentic dining options, including La Brassiere De Monaco, Le Cabaret, and Champagne Bar.

The Islands

Situated on Lebanon Island, The Islands boasts its two beach fronts with one featuring a 360-degree view of Dubai’s skyline; indoor and outdoor facilities for private and commercial events and sports like volleyball and kayaking; and the Torro Blanco restaurant and bar.

Portofino Hotel

Portofino Hotel is a 5-star deluxe hotel that hosts several events annually, such as water ballet shows and movie screenings. It features 489 Queen and Princess Suites. It embodies authentic Italian architecture with scenery, amenities, and an exquisite Portofino-style harbour.

Additionally, there are notable future facilities in World Islands Dubai, including Amsterdam Hotel for pets, Munich Hotel for technology lovers, and Tzar Hotel, a 7-star luxury hotel.


Anatara in South America Island is a comprehensive leisure destination to look forward to. It has superb dining options serving various cuisines and bespoke experiences, including Helios, Qamar, Luna, In Villa Dining, Dining by Design, and Hamacland. It also features running tracks, fitness centres, beach volleyball, paddle boarding, jet skiing, banana boats, kid-friendly activities, babysitting, spas, and events by the beach, such as weddings.

Leisure Activities in World Islands Dubai

If you think tranquil living is impossible in one of the world’s busiest cities, think again. Dubai presents The World Islands Dubai, which provides an unparalleled experience for residents and tourists. It has everything world-class, from living to leisure and from above to below sea level. Looking to explore more? If you’re interested in buying, don’t miss out on the Apartments offerings in Dubai World Island.

Leisure Activities in World Islands Dubai

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