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This vibrant community is a haven for modern living, nestled in a picturesque setting. Residents here enjoy a diverse range of housing options, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and penthouses. With stunning amenities and a welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place to call home.

Villas for Sale in Dubai Hills

Villas for Sale in Dubai Hills Estate

Seeking a perfect dream home? Your quest ends at Villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate – an unrivaled fusion of elegance, exclusivity, and unparalleled grandeur. Dubai Hills Estate stands tall as an illustrious collaboration between two industry giants - Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding. Dubai Hills Estate emerges as a sophisticated urban sanctuary sprawling across 2,700 acres. It's a visionary project that aims to encapsulate a self-sustained microcosm, 

Villas for Sales in Dubai Hills Estate

Each luxury villas for sale in Dubai Hills flaunts luxury and elegance. Whether it's the chic sophistication of a 3-bedroom en-suite for the lavishness of a sprawling 6-bedroom villas, every property in Dubai Hills Estate exudes unparalleled finesse. These residences are meticulously crafted to embody luxury, boasting superior furnishings and interior design that elevates the living experience for its residents.

Dubai Hills estate Villas

Dubai Hills Villas Types:

Villas TypeAverage SizeAverage Price
3-bedroom villas
2,097 sq ft
3,700,000 AED
4-bedroom villas
2,170 sq ft
4,000,000 AED
5-bedroom villas
3,065 sq ft
5,000,000 AED
6-bedroom villas
7,535 sq ft
19,000,000 AED

Each aspect of these homes is thoughtfully designed to cater to the desires of the modern homeowner, providing a place of comfort, style, and exclusivity. From the moment one steps foot into these luxury villas for sale in Dubai Hills, the blend of exquisite design elements and attention to detail becomes apparent. Hence, Dubai Hills Estate offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of luxury living, scenic surroundings, and a holistic lifestyle, making these villas an exquisite choice for those who aspire to embrace Dubai as their home.

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Ready to move and Off-Plan Villas

Searching for villas for sale in Dubai Hills also means weighing between getting off-plan or ready for occupancy properties.

Ready-to-Move Options

Investing in ready-to-move villas in Dubai Hills Estate offers immediate gratification. These residences are completed and available for occupancy, allowing buyers to witness and experience the finished product firsthand.

Off-Plan Potential

Off-plan villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate involve investing in developments that are yet to be constructed or completed. This option allows buyers to secure properties at early stages of development,

Weighing Options for Future Returns

Deciding between ready-to-move and off-plan villas involves balancing immediate satisfaction with long-term potential. Ready-to-move offers certainty, while off-plan presents opportunities for 

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Furnished and Unfurnished Villas Options

Another thing to consider when searching through luxury villas for sale in Dubai Hills - that is, choosing between furnished and unfurnished villas.

Villas TypeFurnished (average price)Unfurnished (average price)
3-bedroom villas
AED 6,500 000
AED 3,700,000
4-bedroom villas
AED 7,950,000
AED 4,000,000
5-bedroom villas
AED 23,500,000
AED 15,000,000
6-bedroom villas
AED 42,000,000
AED 19,000,000

Furnished Properties

Investing in furnished villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate offers immediate convenience and comfort. These residences come equipped with furniture, appliances, and 

Unfurnished Properties

Choosing an unfurnished villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate offers flexibility and customization. Buyers have the freedom to design and furnish the space according to their preferences and style. 

Noteworthy Residential Buildings to Buy Apartment in Dubai Marina

It’s best to consider some of the most popular towers to buy an apartment in Dubai Marina. These towers offer luxury living at its finest with modern architecture, state-of-the-art amenities, and stunning waterfront views.

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 Spanning across 180,000 square meters, this verdant park is a sanctuary adorned with 1,800 trees and palms. It offers an array of recreational amenities, including a skate park for enthusiasts, a dedicated dog park for furry companions, an invigorating ice rink, and a vibrant splash park for families to relish.

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A golfer’s paradise, this prestigious 18-hole par-72 championship golf course is set against the captivating backdrop of the iconic Burj Khalifa and the picturesque Downtown Dubai skyline. Its lush greens and fairways offer the best golfing experience for enthusiasts.

2018 dubai hills golf club
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A retail and entertainment haven, the Dubai Hills Mall is an extravagant destination featuring over 650 retail and dining outlets. It’s not just a shopping paradise but also a hub of entertainment with its diverse entertainment venues and state-of-the-art Roxy cinema, catering to the leisure needs of residents and visitors alike.


Pros of Living in Dubai Hills

The benefits of residing in this estate extend far and wide that might just urge you to invest in villas for sale in Dubai Hills. The community creates an appealing sanctuary for individuals

Strategic Location

Nestled within Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai Hills Estate enjoys a central and accessible spot adjacent to Al Barsha and Al Quoz. Its strategic positioning ensures effortless access to key areas of Dubai, such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Emirates Hills. 

Peaceful Environment and Convenience

Despite its central locale, Dubai Hills Estate's most alluring aspect lies in its serene and tranquil setting. If you’re searching for luxury villas for sale in Dubai Hills, expect to relish a peaceful atmosphere while staying seamlessly connected to the bustling city life, striking a perfect 

Family-Centric Amenities

If you’re seeking a place for your family, then you should definitely consider Dubai Hills villas types because this complex offers an array of amenities catering to family needs. Such as, exclusive gated sub-communities feature townhouses and villas with lush

Active Lifestyle Promotion

The estate promotes an active lifestyle, boasting multiple parks, tennis courts, running tracks, communal gyms, and pools for fitness and recreation. The prestigious Dubai Hills Golf Club, catering to golf enthusiasts with various amenities and dining options.

Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

For pet lovers, Dubai Hills for sale is definitely worth checking out. The estate permite residents to keep pets within the community while adhering to guidelines ensuring the animals' welfare. Dubai Hills Estate's myriad advantages make it an exceptional choice for those 

Diverse Property Choices and Lucrative ROIs

Dubai Hills Estate offers a diverse range of luxurious homes accommodating around 100,000 residents. From apartments and villas, prospective residents have an extensive selection to choose from. The area's projected high Return on Investment (ROI) elevates its

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Luxury villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate vary in sizes and configurations. Options include 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom, and even 6-bedroom villas, each meticulously designed to exude luxury and elegance.

Here are the average sizes and prices for different villas types in Dubai Hills Estate: 3-bedroom villas: Approx. 2,097 sq ft, averaging AED 3,700,000. 4-bedroom villas: Approx. 2,170 sq ft, averaging AED 4,000,000. 5-bedroom villas: Approx. 3,065 sq ft, averaging AED 5,000,000. 6-bedroom villas: Approx. 7,535 sq ft, averaging AED 19,000,000.

In Dubai Hills Estate, you can choose between furnished and unfurnished villas. Here are the key aspects:

Furnished Properties: These come ready with furniture and appliances, offering immediate convenience for a move-in.

Unfurnished Properties: These provide flexibility for personalization, allowing buyers to design and furnish the space according to their preferences.

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