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Jumeirah Village Triangle

All About Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVC) Community

Apartments for Sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle

The Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) community beckons with its tranquil charm and modern allure. With an array of apartment choices, ranging from cosy studios to spacious five-bedroom abodes, JVT offers a harmonious blend of contemporary living and serenity.

Apartments for Sale in Jumeirah Village Triangle

Studio Apartments

Starting with the studio apartments, these intimate spaces offer a perfect haven for individuals seeking simplicity. A studio in JVT embodies an open layout, seamlessly integrating living, dining, and sleeping areas. The smart design optimizes space, providing a compact yet comfortable lifestyle. Ideal for young professionals or couples, studio apartments provide the quintessential blend of convenience and style.

Locations of Studio Apartments for Sale in JVT:

One-Bedroom Apartment

Moving up the spectrum, one-bedroom apartments offer a touch more space and versatility. These homes cater to those desiring a separate bedroom while maintaining an efficient layout. With a cosy living room, well-equipped kitchen, and a private bedroom, these apartments accommodate singles or couples who appreciate both individuality and practicality.

Locations of One Bedroom Apartments for Sale in JVT:

Four-Bedroom Apartments

A step further into luxury, four-bedroom apartments exude a sense of grandeur. These abodes offer even more living space, making them an excellent choice for larger families or those who love to host social events. With multiple en-suite bedrooms, a lavish living room, and possibly a study or guest room, these apartments redefine opulence within the JVT community.

Locations of Four Bedroom Apartments for Sale in JVT:

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Two-Bedroom Apartments

Stepping into the realm of family living, two-bedroom apartments present a generous upgrade in space. These units often feature en-suite bathrooms, allowing for greater comfort and privacy. The additional bedroom opens up possibilities for hosting guests or creating a home office. With a larger living area, these apartments effortlessly combine functionality with a touch of luxury.

Elbrus Tower, Jumeirah Village Triangle (1045 sq. ft.)

Cloud Tower (looks like living in the cloud & 5-year payment plan)

Alta Tower (has an area of 1023 sq. ft.)

Sesila Tower (1000 sq. ft.)

Al Manara, Jumeirah Village Triangle (1338 sq. ft.)

Palazzo Residence (Furnished apartment 1359 sq. ft.)

Tranquil Wellness (780 sq. ft.)

The Imperial Residence B (1111 sq. ft.)

Three-Bedroom Apartments

For families seeking more space to grow and flourish, three-bedroom apartments emerge as an enticing option. These units often showcase master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, accompanied by well-appointed secondary bedrooms. The spacious living and dining areas provide ample room for gatherings and entertaining. A perfect harmony of elegance and utility, these apartments are tailored to accommodate the dynamics of a modern family.

Fashionz by Danube (has a private pool and fashion TV)

Zazen One (1851 sq. ft.)

The Imperial Residence C (Fully furnished and has an area of 2818 sq. ft.)

Cloud Tower (4927 sq. ft.)

Five-Bedroom Apartments

At the pinnacle of extravagance, five-bedroom apartments offer the epitome of luxurious living. These palatial residences cater to the most discerning homeowners, providing expansive living areas, grand dining spaces, and a multitude of bedrooms. Often boasting private balconies, stunning views, and high-end finishes, these apartments are a testament to JVT’s commitment to providing the finest in modern living.

However, there are no available five-bedroom apartments for sale now in JVT. 

Jumeirah Village Triangle Community encapsulates the essence of refined living through its diverse array of Villas for sale. From the cosy studios that embrace simplicity to the sprawling five-bedroom residences that define opulence, every apartment reflects the community’s commitment to harmonizing contemporary design with serene surroundings. Whether you are an individual searching for a tranquil retreat or a family seeking a spacious haven, JVT offers a home that resonates with your desires and aspirations. Discover your dream home in the Jumeirah Village Triangle and embrace a lifestyle that effortlessly combines elegance, comfort, and modernity.

Five-Bedroom Apartments Jumeirah Village Triangle

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