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Villas for Sale in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is the home of Dubai’s most stunning freehold villas. Developed by Emaar Properties, a reputable real estate company in the UAE, villas for sale in Arabian Ranches offer diverse layouts, architecture, amenities, and price points.

Arabian Ranches villas are spread across multiple sub-communities: 

Alma, Al Mahra, Al Reem, Alvorada, Arabian Ranches Polo Homes, Aseel, Golf Homes, Hattan, La Avenida, Mirador, Mirador La Colleccion, Palmera, Saheel, Savannah, and Terra Nova.

Features of Arabian

Ranches Villas

Known as an upscale neighborhood, the majority of luxury villas for sale in Arabian Ranches share some features, including the following:


  • Bedrooms with bathrooms 
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Well-equipped kitchens with cabinets 
  • An open-plan living room
  • Maid’s room and driver’s room
  • Study room 
  • Spacious terrace 
  • Landscaped garden 
  • Two to three covered parking spaces
  • Separate laundry room 
  • Open or covered terraces
  • Storeroom 
  • Private swimming pool
  • Private gardens

Villas in Arabian Ranches


Alma, which includes Alma 1 and Alma 2, offers 2- and 3-bedroom layouts in modern Spanish themes. Ranging from 1,951 square feet to 3,675 square feet, Alma villas for sale in Arabian Ranches cost around AED 2,800,000 to AED 5,200,000.

Villas in Arabian Ranches


Alma, which includes Alma 1 and Alma 2, offers 2- and 3-bedroom layouts in modern Spanish themes. Ranging from 1,951 square feet to 3,675 square feet, Alma villas for sale in Arabian Ranches cost around AED 2,800,000 to AED 5,200,000.


Alvorada, which comprises Alvorada 1 to 4, brags its 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas with Portuguese concepts. Spanning around 3,500 square feet to 3,700 square feet, 3-bedroom villas for sale in Alvorada cost AED 5,000,000 to AED 6,200,000; 4-bedroom villas ranging from 3,800 square feet to 4,000 square feet are between AED 6,400,000 to AED 6,900,000; and 5-bedroom villas with an area of 4,400 square feet to 8,600 square feet are AED 6,900,000 to AED 9,100,000.

Al Mahra

Al Mahra features spacious 4, 5, 6, and 7-bedroom duplexes in traditional Arabian architectural design. Al Mahra villas cover an area of 3,472 square feet to 6,552 square feet. Prices of 4-bedroom villas in Al Mahra are from AED 3,200,000 to AED 4,200,000; 5-bedroom villas are from AED 3,200,000 to AED 5,000,000; and the starting price of 6-bedroom villas is around AED 4,100,000.

Polo Homes

The Arabian Ranches villas nearest to Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club are those in Polo Homes. Located around the polo fields, Polo Homes' huge, luxurious 5 to 7-bedroom villas have Mediterranean architecture and measure between 8,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet. Polo Homes villas have private swimming pools. Some can afford to have double kitchens. The price of 5-bedroom villas in Polo Homes ranges from AED 15,200,000 to AED 16,500,000; 6-bedroom villas are priced from AED 15,700,000 to AED 25,000,000; and 7-bedroom villas are from AED 24,200,000 to AED 36,000,000.


Assel comprises 2-tiered Spanish-inspired villas. Layouts vary from 4-bedroom to 7-bedroom and sizes from 3,600 square feet to 6,000 square feet. The average price of 4-bedroom villas is AED 9,200,000; 5-bedroom villas are AED 6,800,000; 6-bedroom villas are between AED 7,900,000 and AED 9,200,000; and 7-bedroom villas are AED 9,200,000 to AED 15,500,000.

Golf Homes

Golf Homes villas are distinct for having three types of floor plans: Hacienda, Castilla, and Suncadia. Its villas are Spanish-styled in a 5-bedroom configuration and with golf course views. Golf Homes villas span 7,000 square feet to 9,000 square feet.


Proud of its traditional Arabic heritage, Hattan features 4- and 5-bedroom deluxe villas with sizes that range from 5,443 square feet to 7,230 square feet. Prices of Hattan villas start at AED 4,700,000.

Mirador La Colleccion

The Spanish-style villas of Mirador La Colleccion feature 4 to 7-bedroom configurations. The Mirador La Colleccion villas have huge layouts spanning 9,590 square feet to 11,779 square feet. The starting price of Mirador La Colleccion homes is a whooping AED 6,000,000. The 6-bedroom villas in Mirador La Coleccion are anywhere from AED 9,000,000 to AED 12,500,000.


Savannah is among the sub-communities nearest to Arabian Ranches amenities, including the retail center, Jumeirah English Speaking School, and Masjid mosque. It offers 3 to 5-bedroom contemporary villas covering areas between 3,116 square feet to 5,309 square feet. A 3-bedroom Savannah villa costs AED 4,600,000 to AED 6,200,000, while the 5-bedroom villas are AED 7,200,000 to AED 9,100,000.

La Avenida

La Avenida features 4, 5, and 6-bedroom Spanish-inspired villas, with areas between 4,000 square feet and 6,000 square feet. The price of a 4-bedroom La Avenida villa is AED 8,200,000; a 5-bedroom is between AED 8,400,000 and 9,000,000; and a 6-bedroom villa is AED 15,000,000.


Palmera is the second closest to the polo and equestrian club. This sub-community is also next to the entry point to Arabian Ranches. Influenced by Spanish architecture, Palmera offers 2-bedroom villas at AED 2,200,000, 3-bedroom villas at AED 3,400,000, and 4-bedroom at AED 4,300,000. Palmera villas range from 1,889 square feet to 6,274 square feet.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova offers 4, 5, 6and 7-bedroom Santa Fe-styled villas spanning 4,000 square feet to 5,199 square feet. Terra Nova adjoins the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and lies between Al Mahra and Mirador. Its prices start from AED 5,300,000 to AED 10,800,000.


At the far end of the Arabian Ranches golf course are the 4- to 7-bedroom Mirador villas, covering 3,809 square feet to 5,172 square feet. The 4-bedroom properties in Mirador cost between AED 3,400,000 – AED 3,800,000; the 5-bedroom villas lie between AED 3,500,000 – AED 5,100,000; the 6-bedroom houses cost anywhere between AED 3,500,000 and AED 5.200,000; and the 7-bedroom villas are at an average price of AED 6,200,000.


Saheel is among the large sub-communities in Arabian Ranches. It offers 3 to 5-bedroom villas measuring 3,166 square feet to 5,308 square feet. The average price of a 3-bedroom Saheel villa is AED 4,000,000, a 4-bedroom villa is AED 4,800,000, and a 5-bedroom villa is AED 6,400,000.

Amenities in Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches boasts its unparalleled amenities, including the following:

  • Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club
  • Polo & Equestrian-related facilities, including international-sized polo fields
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Arabian Ranches Hotel
  • Proximity to Dubai’s primary sports and entertainment venues, such as Dubai Astrodome
  • Swimming pools
  • Easy access to major highways 
  • Lake views via Al Reem Lake, Alma Community Lake, and Palmera Community Lake
  • Arabian Ranches Retail Center with a supermarket and other retail shops
  • Casual and fine-dining restaurants 
  • Fully equipped gymnasiums and fitness studios
  • Walking and jogging trails
  • A multi-specialty clinic
  • A nursery and a primary school

Why Invest in the Property

  • Buying an Arabian Ranches villa is an excellent decision. Besides its suburban lifestyle within a prime location, it features luxury sports clubs exclusive to Arabian Ranches. Hence, there is always a market for luxury villas in Arabian Ranches. The growth of the Arabian Ranches villas market values is almost out of the question.

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