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Understanding Property Handover Services

APIL Properties provides property handover services for homeowners who want to ensure a smooth handover process. This service works when a team of experts handles and represents the clients during the handover process. 


Property handover services are beneficial in many ways. Hiring professionals to handle the handover process does not require the homeowners' presence, which is advantageous for owners who are living or traveling overseas. 

Property Handover Services Detect Snags

Snags are defects or issues from construction that may endanger your safety and disrupt the overall aesthetic of your properties. These snags could be a source of future problems and dissatisfaction for owners. Hence, identifying them earlier can save homeowners from hefty repair costs.

Common Snags are:

Who Needs Property Handover Services

Any homeowner who wants to ensure the handover process for their preferred properties goes smoothly needs property handover services. This service ensures that:

All necessary documents are filed and taken care of from the beginning until the end of the handover.

Professionals act as proper representatives of their clients and act in their best interest.

Property owners are at ease that their properties will be handled expertly and effectively.

Detect snags, compile photos and documentations so that the developers can rectify these issues before handing over the property.

Handover Services

APIL Properties Property Handover Services

We examine and arrange necessary documents about the owner and utility connections in preparation for the handover proof.

We encourage and offer snagging inspections to determine minor and major problems or defects in the property. This could be any defect or issue that could lead to major damages or risks in the future. A thorough inspection is needed to ascertain that a property is fit for the clients to live in.

We provide a detailed report of any detected snags in the properties and will contact the responsible party to rectify the issues before finalizing the handover process.

Compiles essential documents about the handover paperwork, such as;

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