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Real Estate Market in Dubai: Economic Trends, Stability & Impact


Dubai's population surged to over 3.5 million in April 2022, driven by a rising demand for homes.

The majority of the newcomers are searching for places to live. To address this, builders are focusing on what buyers want. Additionally, they’ve kicked off more than ten thousand new housing projects. That is, including villas and townhouses, set to wrap up by late 2024 or early 2025. Moreover, this strategy aims to meet the increasing need for housing. At the same time, while also slowing down the pace of rising prices of the real estate market in Dubai.

The Economic Trends in Dubai

Dubai kicked off 2023 with an ambitious plan to double its economy, led by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Additionally, this 10-year initiative is the headline-making move, aiming to reduce dependence on oil. To add, Dubai’s focus on diversifying revenue sources, like tourism and finance, is already paying off. Now, it has most of its income coming from non-oil sectors. Moreover, the emirate is also implementing measures to boost Emiratis in the private sector and enhance employee protection. Amid these changes, real estate market in Dubai is a key player, contributing to the city’s economic growth.

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Is the Real Estate Market in Dubai Continues to Grow?

The answer is yes. The major development is not just good news for residents but also for professionals, especially in finance. In this sense, companies are expanding their services to support Dubai’s growth, offering advisory services. The recent announcement indicates good news. In that, individuals with suitable qualifications will find ample opportunities in the real estate market in Dubai and other sectors. Additionally, this is true for over the next decade and beyond.

In the first half of 2023, Dubai’s economy grew by 3.2% annually, reaching Dh223.8 billion ($60.9 billion). The second quarter saw a significant 3.6% growth, solidifying Dubai’s status as a global economic hub.

Among various industries, the transport and storage sector stood out, expanding by 10.5% in the first six months. This sector, covering land, sea, and air transport, along with logistics, played a crucial role, contributing 42.8% to the overall growth and injecting Dh31.4 billion into the economy. Therefore, this positive economic trend bodes well for various sectors, including the real estate market in Dubai.

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What is Its Impact on the Global Real Estate Market?

Dubai is looking ahead with its long-term plans, aligning with the UAE’s reputation for forward-thinking. In December, the ruler of Dubai revealed the next steps in the city’s 2040 Urban Master Plan, emphasizing new housing and improved commuting.

Furthermore, the goal is to have essential facilities like shops, schools, offices, and recreation spots within a 20-minute distance from homes, aiming to make Dubai a more livable and convenient “20-minute city.”


The Market Resilience in Dubai

Here are some key data-driven insights reinforcing the strength and growth of Dubai’s real estate market


  • In Q2 2023, residential property prices in Dubai went up by 5.5% year on year, reaching an average of AED 1,500 per square foot.
  • In the first half of 2023, residential property sales transactions in Dubai surged by 47% year on year, totaling 27,365 transactions.

For the rest of 2023, Dubai’s property market is anticipated to see more growth, with prices expected to increase by 4-5%. These insights underscore the positive momentum in Dubai’s real estate market.

The real estate market in Dubai has a reputation for being resilient and offering lucrative returns on investment. Regardless of global economic ups and downs, the emirate’s property sector has consistently shown impressive stability and growth. Additionally, recent data reinforces this trend, revealing that residential property prices in Dubai have risen for the eleventh consecutive quarter, marking a 5% increase. This sustained growth highlights the ongoing strength of the real estate market in Dubai.

Dubai South, in particular, has seen a remarkable surge in property prices. Over the past year, flats in this area have shot up by an astonishing 73%. Accordingly, this outstanding performance is credited to the rapid development in the region, with major projects like the Dubai World Expo 2020 site, Al Maktoum International Airport, and the Dubai Logistics Hub underway.

The real estate market in Dubai stands as a beacon of resilience and prosperity, even amid global economic fluctuations. The remarkable surge in property prices in key areas, such as Dubai South, showcases the emirate’s unwavering commitment to development and progress. With data-driven insights affirming consistent growth, including a 73% increase in flat values in Dubai South and significant upticks in residential property prices and transactions, Dubai’s real estate landscape remains robust.

As the emirate continues to forge ahead with major projects and anticipates a 4-5% increase in property prices for the rest of 2023, the outlook is optimistic. The real estate market in Dubai not only weathers challenges but also emerges stronger, cementing its position as a global investment hotspot.

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