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Property Management Insurance

Property Management Insurance

Property managers face all sorts of inconveniences and disputes in their careers. This makes getting insurance for property managers all the more important. This will serve as their protective cloak from any property management risks. 

What is Property Management Insurance?

Property Management Insurance protects professional property managers from the risks that come from managing rental properties. Property managers are the ones who administer all processes involving a rental property in place of property owners. Understandably, this profession comes with a variety of risks and disputes to accept and settle. Accordingly, there may be mishaps or oversights on the property management side that could cause someone harm.

What is Property Management Insurance

Risks in Property Management

It is imperative that property managers are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to managing rental properties.

Risks in administrative tasks

Legal issues and/or financial loss may arise from mishaps in accomplishing administrative tasks.

Risks in property damage

Damage in properties even during repairs and maintenance is always a concern to property managers. 

Risks in injuries and discrimination claims

Any injuries and discrimination claims filed against a property manager can be a huge blow to their career.

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Who needs Property Management Insurance

Who needs Property Management Insurance?

Property management insurance is important and necessary to whoever manages a rental property in place of property owners. Having a property manager insurance coverage helps you be secure in providing your services. Professional property managers supervise residential, industrial, and commercial properties among others. Any expert in this field of profession needs insurance to help mitigate the risks that come with the job.  

Property Insurance vs General Liability

Property insurance protects the physical property managed by the property managers.

Property Insurance may cover:





Property owners liability insurance may cover:

Legal fees

Medical fees

Other settlement fees

Property Manager Insurance Coverage

Property manager insurance usually protects the professional from claims regarding property damages, injuries, negligence, and more. Additionally, general Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance are the most common types of insurance for property managers. General Liability Insurance protects general risks. Examples of this are injuries, property damage, and more. On the other hand, professional liability is also called errors and omissions insurance. It serves as

Property Manager Insurance Coverage

Types of Property Management Insurance Coverage

Property management company insurance is a must to safeguard the company or professional from financial losses and lawsuits.

Common types of property management insurance include:

General Liability Insurance

This covers any claims of injury or damage, particularly for repairs, medical bills, legal fees, and replacement.

Errors and Omission Insurance

This covers lawsuits as a result of administrative oversight or mishaps in their property management services.

Tenant Discrimination Insurance

This covers any allegations made against property managers for claims of discrimination towards:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you’re a property management company with multiple employees under you, you might want to consider this

Cyber Insurance

If you have a business that operates with websites or any online software, you are susceptible to cyber-attacks.

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Insurance Companies

Choosing the Best Property Management Insurance Companies

We have now covered how incredibly important insurance is to property management companies and property managers. Managing rental properties comes with many risks and inconveniences that may be damaging to the company’s reputation. Having the proper insurance to cover and mitigate these risks is what every property manager needs.

Review Your Needs

Look at your services holistically and identify what type of insurance you need. For example, a sole proprietorship does not have to worry about worker’s compensation insurance. They may want to lean more into general liability and errors and omission insurance.

Look for Companies with Specialized Experience

Once you have identified what type of insurance is best for you, next is to search for the companies. Companies with specialized experience for the particular insurance type that you want 

Refer to Your Budget

As important as it is to avail property management insurance, considering your budget is the same. Always go for companies that offer quality services with price points that align with your budget. This way you know you will be able to afford their 


Property management insurance is essential to property managers and companies. As they are protecting and enhancing the value of the properties they manage, they also need the same protection. Property management is a profession that comes with a number of risks that necessitate them to get insurance. Property managers can also tailor to their own insurance needs through different types. This will make it easier for them to find the right company that offers the best property management insurance services.

Conclusion 1


No. General liability insurance does not cover theft. Property insurance, however, covers theft.

General liability and errors and omission insurance are the common types of property management insurance. It also includes tenant discrimination, workers’ compensation, and cyber insurance.

In order to choose the best property management insurance company, you must first identify your needs. Then, you must look for companies that specialize in the type of insurance that you need. Lastly, you need to ensure that the insurance fee aligns with your budget.

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