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Dubai Island completed the massive $5 billion project in the middle of Europe. The resort is open year-round and offers accommodation.There is a massive resort covering six million square feet as well as six themed islands. When initiatives with appealing pathways are finished, 17000 tourists can also be housed there.By the close of 2023, 

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In 2008, the Nakheel property allowed them to sell World Island to other investors. Joseph Kleindienst started working on Heart of Europe Dubai after that. Dubai formed a partnership with the group of beach resorts. JK Property and Chinese construction firms manipulate it and take full advantage of it. In conclusion, there are hotels, restaurants, parks, plazas, and beach 

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The Nakheel master development has multiple groupings of islands that make up the heart of Europe. It used a variety of global routes to link the vast and amazing parts of the globe. such as Oceania, Antarctica, Africa, North America, and South America.Settling about 4 kilometers off Dubai’s main coast, it provides essential connectivity with the rest of the world.In addition, it has an almost 300-islet archipelago.The 

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The Nakheel master development has multiple groupings of islands that make up the heart of Europe. It used a variety of global routes to link the vast and amazing parts of the globe. such as Oceania, Antarctica, Africa, North America, and South America.Settling about 4 kilometers 


According to the Heart of Europe Dubai reviews, it provides an exceptional range of services and amenities. It consists beach clubs, surfing parks, water parks, and theme parks. hence raising the bar for living by the waterfront. Additionally, it offers a touch of European grace and heritage right in the middle of Dubai’s breathtaking metropolis.

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The main advantage is that everyone here has multiple creative and enjoyable activities to choose from. It is able to locate a large range of animals in The Heart of Europe and offers an abundance of food.There are several significant and noteworthy reasons why communities have developed along diverse road

 Snorkeling adventure and driving with massive supply water 

Swiss circus and enjoyment facilities

Top notch beach resorts

Residential pathways

Antiquated Mediterranean trees with 

Greenery with flowers 

Mountain spa

Hills numerous natural flowers

Swimming pool with marvelous facilities

Garden residential safety

Streets and plaza with serene environment

Natural Coral’s and dedicated Coral nursery with Various Adaptable species.

In addition, leisure and climatic features highlight the area’s charm. These appeals to many guests for the fulfillment of their wishes and prayers.



A structure of almost six million square feet that houses underwater residences, world-class natural coral, and opulent resorts. Kleindienst would like to take into account both UAE and a specific customer from the

The first phase covers the following topics

35 homes in Germany nestles along the waterfront of Sweden Island. Eighty or so floating houses on St. Petersburg's water below rental apartments with lots of facilities The majority of villas are found in St Petersburg.


It's common knowledge that Europe is a fantastic continent. It piques everyone's curiosity and amazement in different ways. This large area offers a multitude of conveniences as well as a wide choice of tranquil, contemplative spots. Some famous places get their inspiration from other


The most notable island with elements of Swedish design is Sweden Island. It also boasts stunning architecture with cutting-edge Swedish methodological elements. It's the only island with 10 four-


This remarkable lagoon environment contains a variety of horseshoe-shaped islands. All of the villas—32 in total—have direct access to the beach. There will also be top-notch nurseries, lodging options, resorts, and beaches in the region. Luxurious


The superb island of Switzerland provides a breathtaking environment. Perfect for those who wish to get the most out of quiet, wintry outdoor trips. A few breathtakingly green slopes and mountains serve as a soothing reflection of the natural world. The


The ideal heart-shaped island for a honeymoon is the gorgeous island of St. Petersburg. It has roughly 131 villas that resemble floating seahorses. Many of them have already been completed. A stunning two-bedroom, 4,000


The world's first underwater vessel resort project Its primary objective is to enhance underwear tourism in a peaceful environment in several ways. This is done in order for everyone to benefit greatly and develop a greater sense of curiosity. This resort has


The Heart of Europe in Dubai spans 6 million square feet and has the capacity to host 16,000 guests. The linked islets will be moved by boats, seaplanes, helicopters, and bodies of water once they are finished. Gasoline-powered cars are


The main objective of this enormous project is to provide a complete vacation resort in Dubai. It offers plenty of conveniences and a striking view. The key


World Island is roughly 9 km wide and 7 km long, and stands close to important locations. The property maintains the allure of its fantastic location in Dubai by being 4.5 km from the coast. An amazing 20-minute boat excursion from central Dubai to a diversified area that is serene and

not allowed in order to promote self-sufficient, ecologically conscientious communities. This increases the appeal of a water-based system that's ideal for an island getaway. The development also prohibits the use of conventional cars and other forms of transportation. This is an effort to preserve the feeling of a


Resort at the Portofino Hotel Côte d’AzurOne of the best five-star deluxe hotels, Portfolio Hotel hosts a range of events all year long. One of the greatest family-only hotels ever built in central Europe, it has 489 rooms.The environment of the first-rate water ballet 

In addition, Cote d’ Azur is a beach resort of 872 residences, 113 hotel suites, and 7 duplex penthouses. When execution takes place, visitors will feel peace by participating in water sports, snorkeling, and manual transmission. As well as magnificent activities, beautiful water bodies, and pearl diving excursions.To 

In diverse ways, a few well-known resorts and hotels in the center of Europe depict the concentration of tourists. Others will begin in a big way following the execution.

The Portofino Hotel and European Cafes kindly provide authentic Mediterranean 

Those people who prefer to spend their summer vacations indulging in nature and staying busy. They can go to beaches and experience a great deal of peace and quiet in the natural world. Dubai, the European Heart. Beaches are a key part of this wonderland,

This enormous island is a hallmark in Dubai’s amazing position. It has a traditional assortment of lodging options, resorts, and leisure centers in a tranquil setting.It also offers one of Dubai’s best new spaces for reflection and concentration. Most people consider 

Each of the six islands has an annual schedule of events and celebrations. These elegantly commemorate a multitude of events. Specifically, the main island hosts circus performances, amazing Oktoberfest celebrations, and crayfish parties with melodic singers. Watching the nightly entertainment that 

People who like to socialize will interact with and appreciate modern living. Follow the community group and Facebook page to stay up to speed on events and antics. This relates to The Heart of Europe’s advanced features and specs..

The captivating location of Heart of Europe Dubai is the main factor you should consider. There is now no transportation available, and the distance to the coast is 4.5 km.On the other hand, the extensive project will start the transportation network. When the project is completed

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 World Islands Dubai comprises a cluster of six islands known as the Heart of Europe. The motifs of the islands take inspiration from several European nations. This encompasses Main Europe, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Floating Venice, and St. Petersburg. The $5 billion, 6 million square foot megaproject aims to be a permanent tourist destination.

The biggest European real estate firm in Dubai is called Kleindienst.

Six distinct theme islands make up the heart-shaped archipelago known as "The Heart of Europe." That is, Germany, Main Europe, The Floating Venice, Sweden, and Switzerland. Every island will provide you with an opportunity to explore the diverse cultures of

different countries and experience memorable feelings.

Imagine Maldives-style islands close to the coast of Dubai, reachable by boat. The Heart of Europe is reachable via helicopter, seaplane, or boat. Water taxis and a shuttle service will be available every 15 minutes. It also has pickup locations from the mainland of Dubai.

Heart of Europe Dubai's first phase is already finished. To add, the remaining two are anticipated to be finished by 2023.

Situated 4.5 kilometers from the coast, it is one of the islets in Dubai's The World Island project.

There is more to The Heart of Europe than merely a residential island in Dubai. This collection of beach resorts, hotel flats, and villas offers a distinctive and opulent vacation experience. Families and couples can enjoy the hospitality and European heritage of Dubai here.

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