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Everything About The FORUM DEVELOPMENT

The Forum Group, a Yekaterinburg-based Russian real estate developer, has procured, constructed, and managed multinational projects in Dubai. The Forum Group boasts a vast portfolio of outstanding residential and commercial properties. These developments stand in some of the most sought-after areas across the globe. With its innovative approach and diligent work ethic, the Forum developments are steadily making progress. They are especially making their way toward the futuristic skylines as it develops and designs new buildings. The Forum Group has its headquarters in Yekaterinburg, near the boundary of Europe and Asia. It is popular throughout the world for its amazing service.The Forum development consistently brings their visions to life. This is because their clientele need cutting-edge, exquisite, and well-maintained homes and workplaces that meet the highest standards.

 The developer boasts impressive business projects and exquisitely designed residences. These developments are notable as a significant participant in Dubai’s off-plan real estate industry. It is a full-service company that manages all aspects of development. That is, from selecting land to investing, designing and creating concepts, constructing, and managing properties.


The Forum Group of enterprises was founded in 1999 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With just three members in its core staff, the group quickly became a global force. The group was founded in 2008. Since then, the holding has amassed, developed, and managed international businesses. These would now occupy over 500,000 square meters of prime real estate. The corporation has real estate


Forum Group is a reputable worldwide real estate developer that specializes in upscale residential and mixed-use commercial complexes.

It is a full-service company that manages all development processes, including land selection, investment, concept development, construction, and property management.

XXII Carat is a group of 22 opulent beachfront homes on the Palm Jumeirah. As well as other sizable projects are the creation of Forum developments.

In the Russian real estate sector, Forum Group has won the Fiabci Prix d'Excellence (2014). They also won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards (2013) for best implemented development project.

It is renowned for both its large-scale commercial complexes and its creative, elegant, and practical residences and workplaces. 

This development is a holding business with a proven track record and multiple awards.

They are renowned for their superior workmanship and creative design.

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