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Challenges Faced by Property Managers and Effective Solutions

Challenges Faced by Property Managers

Property managers face various challenges like tenant disputes, property damage and maintenance, legal issues, market fluctuations, and managing multiple properties. Effective solutions include quick response, ensuring legal compliance, scheduling regular maintenance, and adapting to market fluctuations. Best practices also involve effective communication, sustainability initiatives, efficient risk management, and time management. 

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Challenges in Property Management

Property managers face various challenges like tenant disputes, property demage and maintenance, legal issues, market fluctuations, and managing multiple properties

Common issues with tenants

Managing multiple properties

Property demages and maintenance challenges

Legal disputes

Market fluctuations

Economic impacts

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Common Issues with Tenants

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Tenant Disputes and Complaints

One of the main challenges in property management is dealing with disputes and complaints from tenants. Property managers usually need to carry themselves professionally and remain unbiased toward difficult tenants. 


Moreover, these tenant-related issues can be remedied through effective communication. 

Tenant Disputes

Rent Collection

Property managers are in charge of maintaining a steady rental income for property owners. Failure to do so can result in dissatisfaction from property owners. In worse cases, this can lead to the termination of using the services of certain property managers. For this reason, it is important that property managers make sure renters pay their rent on schedule.

Rent Collection

Clear Communication with Tenants

  • Communication is key to establishing trust and reliability. Having a clear and prompt response from property managers can significantly boost tenant satisfaction.  

    Furthermore, property managers can maintain this good relationship by:

    • Providing multiple communication channels (e.g. phone number, email, and tenant portal)
Clear Communication

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening can be a challenge in property management. There are processes and a range of checks that property managers take on to find a good tenant. They review financial histories, criminal histories, and tenancy records. 


These screenings will ensure that property owners will have reliable and quality tenants.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Turnover

Just as finding and attracting good tenants is hard, retaining them is also a challenge in property management. It is important for property managers to reduce tenant turnover to avoid vacancy periods, irregular income flow, and additional costs from frequent turnovers. 

In order to avoid these circumstances, proper managers can increase tenant satisfaction through:

Tenant Turnover
Maintenance Challenges

Property Damage and Maintenance Challenges

Maintenance is a heavy task, especially for larger properties or buildings. This is also one of the main reasons why property owners hire professional property managers. Additionally, property maintenance is especially challenging when you’re managing several properties. 


To remedy this, having a well-planned schedule for property inspection and maintenance greatly helps:

Legal Disputes

One of the most important tasks of a property manager is ensuring legal compliance of all processes and operations. Hence, you can expect to face legal disputes along with managing properties. 

Here are some practices property managers should NOT do to avoid legal issues:

Forcing tenants out of the property

Regardless of the reason and intent, you should not force tenants out of the property. It is against the law and can have an adverse effect. Property managers should deal with this issue through the proper eviction process. 

Not abiding by anti-discriminatory and equal housing rights

Dubai has a set of regulations discussing the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords. These regulations guarantee fair treatment and avoid discriminatory practices.

Refuse or delay property maintenance and repairs

Even when dealing with difficult or late-paying tenants, property managers should not withhold maintenance. In instances like these, tenants can file a complaint to RDC 

Unannounced visits

Without a proper tenant’s consent, property managers should not enter the rental property. This can easily become a legal issue between you and the tenant. However, entering 

Unlawful rent increase

Decree No. 43 regulates rent increases in Dubai. It also lays out the rent increase percentage allowed by law.

Up to 5% rent increase for properties

Engaging in unwritten or verbal agreements

It is fundamental that property managers should only engage in written agreements. This way, one has a record of all agreements

Managing Multiple Properties

Managing multiple properties at once can prove to be challenging in property management. Especially when dealing with different types of properties, it can be overwhelming. Property managers have to keep up with different processes and procedures and collate all records. Organization and clear communication are imperative the more properties you manage. It makes things easier and more manageable on the property manager’s end.


These are the top 5 ways to manage several properties without a problem.

  • Hiring and training the best staff

Having good employees at your disposal is incredibly beneficial if you want to stand out. Plus, managing multiple properties is easier with employees you can trust and rely on.

  • Organize a process for property maintenance

Organizing an effective process and schedule for property maintenance makes things more efficient. 

  • Always getting ahead of the finances

Property managers need to have excellent financial management. Therefore, property managers can use the right software to streamline most financial processes. It is also helpful to have the best team to track the financial performance of each property.

  • Finding a good tenant

Choosing the right tenant can significantly make things easier for property managers. Good tenants are easier to reason with and less likely to cause property damage. 

  • Organize all records

Organizing all records is beneficial to keep on track with all the paperwork for a certain property. This will also help in making sure that no records are misplaced. These records include lease agreements, rental payments, applications, renewals, etc.

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Market Fluctuations and Economic Impact

Market fluctuations and uncertainty in the economy are one of the core challenges in project management. These fluctuations can impact rental prices, rental demand, and property values. Thus, it is best to always stay ahead of market trends and adapt accordingly. 


How to cope with market fluctuations and economic impact:

  • Always be updated on changes in the market
  • Adapt to market changes
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Attending industry events
  • Staying informed with government regulations

Property Management Best Practices

There are best practices that property managers can integrate and practice to improve their property management. 

Effective Communication

Effective Communication with Tenants

One of the most common complaints from tenants is the lack of effective communication from property managers. However, property managers who excel at communication can build trust, and positive relationships, increase tenant retention, and have a successful career.

Sustainable Property Management 1

Sustainable Property Management

With the growing trend of the emphasis on sustainability, investors and tenants are likely to prefer properties with sustainable features and practices. Hence, property managers in Dubai are also focusing on catering to this trend.Moreover, Dubai has already made its move to sustainability even having

Enhancing Property Value 1

Continuously Enhancing Property Value

A good reason to hire property management is because they enhance the property value of investments. They have the technical know-how to organize the processes and effectively cut property costs. Property managers are also professionals at handling disputes and marketing properties. 

Risk Management 1

Establishing Risk Management

Understanding how to manage risks is important for property managers. These risks can range from property damage, legal issues, market trends, and regulatory changes. Creating and executing effective risk management is key to keeping things at bay.

The very first step in organizing solid risk management is to determine the potential risks.  

Time Management 1

Time Management for Property Managers

Property management entails completing various tasks and handling multiple responsibilities. Therefore, having good time management skills is a must for property managers. To succeed in property management, you have to be able to efficiently use your time when accomplishing tasks and obligations. 

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Property managers face a lot of challenges in their careers. The challenges in property management include common issues with tenants like rent collection, communication, screening, and turnover. Property managers also deal with property maintenance, legal disputes, and market fluctuations, and having to manage multiple properties. 

With the responsibilities that come with property management, there’s no question why property owners seek the help of experts. Property managers are 

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Property management companies handle regular maintenance and emergency maintenance. Most also regularly inspect the property and schedule preventive maintenance to ensure its good condition. 

One of the biggest responsibilities of property management is ensuring legal compliance and tenant satisfaction.

The biggest challenge of a property manager is managing common issues with tenants.

Property managers can handle late rental payments by providing automated reminders, and multiple payment options, and clearly communicate with the tenants. They can also review the lease agreement for any late payment fees to charge. 

The property management best practices include establishing clear communication and enhancing property value. As well as having effective risk management and time management. 

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