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AED 1,185,000
Description: This beautiful 3 bedroom +Maid with closed kitchen ensuite bathrooms is situa ...
Description: This beautiful 3 bedroom +Maid with closed kitchen ensuite bathrooms is situated in a quiet neighborho ...
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Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills

Most people desire to own a villa in Dubai. The city itself presents modern and aesthetic villas that offer the residents of Dubai luxury and ultimate comfort. In an estimated figure, Dubai will have 10,000 more new villas expected in two years. There are many different communities you can opt for when choosing your villa, and one of the most sought-after communities is DAMAC Hills

There are plenty of villas for sale in DAMAC Hills available for people with different wants and needs. DAMAC Hills presents multiple types of villas that are best for couples, large families, extended families, and many more.

Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills

Types of Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills

One-Bedroom Villa

A one-bedroom villa is best recommended for couples looking for a bigger space. Usually, a one-bedroom villa has a living room and a master bedroom. It also has a kitchenette. A one-bedroom villa can accommodate more or less 4 guests. Most of the villas for sale in DAMAC Hills have a maximum area of 300 sq. meters. There are also many available amenities for a one-bedroom villa, which includes a private swimming pool, beautiful sea views, a mini bar, a jacuzzi, and many more. 

Three-Bedroom Villa

Three-bedroom villas for sale in DAMAC Hills include a private terrace, plunge pool and a functional kitchen. This type of villa offers world-class living because of its spacious living space, fully-equipped kitchen, and formal dining area. This is recommended for any group of people who want to experience luxury living.

Two-Bedroom Villa

A two-bedroom villa is best for families with more than 2 children. This type of villa has comfortable bed queens, spacious bathrooms, a fully functional kitchen, and a huge area of living and dining room (open plan).

Two-bedroom villas for sale in DAMAC Hills are usually around 500-1000 sq. meters. This type of villa also has good facilities like aircon, bathrooms with separate showers and bathtubs, safety boxes, and a lot more.

Four-Bedroom Apartment

A four-bedroom apartment is bigger compared to the previously mentioned villas. It has an average area of 1,000 sq. ft. This is ideal for large families in Dubai, specifically extended families with their nannies living together under one roof.

Five-Bedroom Villa

A five-bedroom villa is a private, secluded villa that is best recommended for large families or a group of friends in Dubai. This type of villa offers a luxurious walk-in shower, mini bar, private swimming pool with an overlooking view, and more. It has an average size of more than 1000 sq. ft. A five-bedroom apartment also offers exclusive and luxurious amenities that you can enjoy and experience if you choose one of the villas for sale in DAMAC Hills. 

Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills and Their Locations

Cavalli Estates

Area: 11, 500 sq. ft. 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms Location: DAMAC Hills,

Spacious Villa

Area: 3,012 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms Location: Pelham, Akoya Park, DAMAC Hills, Dubai

Stunning and Furnished Villa

Area: 4, 143 sq. ft 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms Location: Piccadilly Green, DAMAC Hills

Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills Common Style and Design

A contemporary villa often has an open floor plan. It has spacious rooms and plenty of windows that give off fresh air and natural light. This type of villa has a combination of light and unique colours and the quality of materials used. Plus, the rooms in a modern villa have precise features of specific elements to meet the style and the comfort you need. You can never go wrong if you take into consideration the villas for sale in DAMAC Hills.

Arabic Villa

Arabic-type villas are the most popular in Dubai. These villas often have large windows and shiny floors. They also have intricate house interiors and huge chandeliers for better lighting. Most of the Arabic villas have this iconic Islamic-style design but are modernized with some of the elements that complement the structure.

Spanish Villa

Spanish villas often have so-called uniformity. They are famous for their white stucco, neutral walls and stone exteriors. The Spanish villa design emphasizes mosaic backsplashes and exposed terracotta hues. Also, just like any modern house in the present times, these Spanish villas have classic windows and ornate archways.

Buying Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills

Buying a villa in DAMAC Hills is your gateway to a luxurious lifestyle. Villas in DAMAC Hills are not just giving you luxury comfort, but they also provide safety and a high-quality standard of living. DAMAC Hills Villa is where you can make the most of your life. Looking to explore more? If you’re interested in buying, don’t miss out on the Damac Hills apartments and townhouses in Damac Hills through APIL Properties

Buying Villas for Sale in DAMAC Hills

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