Villas for sale Damac Lagoons

Villas for Sale in Damac Lagoons

Enjoy luxury living with the upcoming villas for sale in Damac Lagoons.

Villas for Sale in Damac Lagoons

Different Villas for sale in Damac Lagoons

Damac Lagoons offers luxurious villas in its Mediterranean-inspired community. Off-plan villas for sale in Damac Lagoons have different varieties to cater to different tastes. Villas in Damac Lagoons will range from three to seven bedrooms with sizes from 1013 square meters up to 1626 square meters. These units will have a private pool, a garden, a personal gym, an elevator, a jacuzzi, and many more depending on their size. Additional features and amenities of each unit will vary from the Damac Lagoons cluster location of the villa. The clusters in Damac Lagoons are named after different famous Mediterranean places.


Damac Lagoons' Santorini villas for sale portray the tropical lifestyle of Santorini, Greece. Villas in Santorini at Damac Lagoons will have units that go up to six bedrooms. The villas will have a spacious home with floor-to-ceiling windows, private gardens, terraces, and many more. The villas will be in blue and white colors to reflect the famous houses in its namesake. Residents in this neighborhood will enjoy amenities like beachfront cafes and a floating cinema.


Villas for sale in Morocco at Damac Lagoons feature the lively lifestyle of its namesake. In Morocco, villas often feature six to seven bedrooms. This cluster embodies the charm of Moroccan country with private tents, an art garden, a Henna art lounge, and many more.


The villas for sale at Venice Damac Lagoons feature the magnificence of Italy's City of Canals. Damac Lagoons Venice villas offer standalone luxurious villa units with six to seven-bedroom configurations. The villas have a private pool, spacious garage, terraces, and many more. The community has gondola rides, waterside cafes, and many more.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava at Damac Lagoons offers Spanish-style villas for sale. Villas with five to six bedrooms are available on the Costa Brava Damac Lagoons. Residents in their Costa Brava villa have easy access to the beach and lagoons of the community.


Damac Lagoons' Nice villa units for sale represent the renowned French city. The villas in Nice range in size from four to six bedrooms. Nice at Damac Lagoons features a rock climbing wall, infinity pools, splash pools, and many other amenities.


The Portofino Damac Lagoons villas for sale display the ambiance of the famous Italian village. This district's townhouses have three to seven bedrooms. The Portofino at Damac Lagoons features villas with a stunning lagoon view.

Facilities and Services in Damac Lagoons Villas

The villas for sale in Damac Lagoons will have nearby facilities and services for convenient living. The property is planned to include different dining options, retail shops, healthcare services, and many more. The area is also close to the best schools near Damac Lagoons for families with children.

Damac Lagoons Villas Accessibility

The villas for sale in Damac Lagoons are situated in a neighborhood with easy access to many destinations in Dubai. Damac Lagoons is accessible by four major city routes. These roads will take you to important locations. In 35 minutes, you can reach Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport. If you need to get to Al Maktoum Airport, it is only a 27-minute drive away.

Damac Lagoons Villas

Why choose Damac Lagoons Villas?

You should invest in the off-plan properties of Damac Lagoons villas because of its easy installments, perfect location, top-notch amenities, and exclusive living in a community that offers a tropical lifestyle in the middle of a thriving city. 

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