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Top 4 Schools in Damac Hills: Which One is Best For You?

Schools in Damac Hills offer top-notch education and state-of-the-art facilities. With dedicated teachers and a comprehensive curriculum, students are encouraged to explore and grow. With so many schools in Damac Hills, you probably have difficulty choosing. To give a solution to your problem, here are the top 4 schools in Damac Hills that you can opt for:

Best Schools in Damac Hills

Ranches Primary School

Ranches Primary School is located close to Damac Hills — located in the Arabian Ranches neighborhood. This institution is known for its variety of programs. Ranches Primary School has an International Primary Curriculum. This program is designed to help the students reach their full potential toward global perspectives. 

Moreover, this school in Damac Hills embraces student diversity. Ranches Primary School believes in multiple intelligences. This school in Damac Hills offers arts, linguistics, sports, and other academics. 

That’s why many of the parents and students prefer this school in Damac Hills because of its intensive programs. These intensive programs allow students to choose the field of interest in which they excel the most. 

Jebel Ali School

Jebel Ali School was established in 1997. This school in Damac Hills serves students aged 3-18 years and trains students to have a strong focus on academic excellence. Jebel Ali School boasts its multiple academic programs for students. These programs include the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and International General Certificate of Secondary Education. 

This school in Damac Hills doesn’t mainly focus on academics, Jebel Ali School is also active when it comes to community events, including sports events, charity fundraisers, and cultural activities. 

In addition to that, Jebel Ali School in Damac Hills also prides itself on its state-of-the-art facilities. These include modern classrooms, computer labs, and auditoriums.

So if you’re a student who wants to attain multiple programs such as IBDP and GCSE, Jebel Ali School is your partner for success. 

South View School

South View School offers a complete British education system. This school in Damac Hills encourages students to continue learning beyond the traditional school years. 

South View School is ideal for a student who wants to pursue a higher education in the United Kingdom. 

Plus, this school in Damac Hills took the honor of hosting the British Schools of the Middle East  U11 Games (BSME U11 Games) last 2019. 

South View School is one of the schools in Dalac Hills that you should take into consideration. This institution offers high-quality British education. 

GEMS Metropole School

GEMS Metropole School provides world-class education to its students. This school in Damac Hills follows the National Curriculum for England. 

Like traditional academics, GEMS Metropole School offers a wide range of subjects including, Science, Mathematics, English, and more. 

GEMS also gives students the room to grow their passion. These include music, arts, sports, drama, as well as other extracurricular activities. 

Now that you know the schools in Damac Hills that offer a British curriculum. Damac Hills also offers schools under the American curriculum and Indian curriculum.

Schools Near Damac Hills Under American & Indian Curriculum

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Modern Academy is a top-rated school in Damac Hills that follows the Indian curriculum. The school offers an array of digital learning opportunities for students, in addition to traditional classroom teaching. 

GEMS New Millennium School

Millennium School is another popular school in Damac Hills that offers an American curriculum. It is an international school that provides educational programs for kindergarten through 12th grade and boasts a modern, technology-rich learning environment. 

The school offers a rigorous academic program, along with a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports, art, and music.

GEMS Founder School

GEMS Founders School is another well-regarded Indian curriculum school in Damac Hills. 

This school provides an all-round education to its students, with a special emphasis on the humanities. The school also offers a range of activities such as swimming, basketball, cricket, and chess. 

Oakwood School

Oakwood School is a renowned school in Damac Hills that follows the Indian curriculum. This school provides a safe learning environment, as well as a comprehensive education that focuses on the development of the whole student. Oakwood School also offers a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. 

Damac Hills is home to many excellent schools. These schools provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for their students, as well as an array of digital learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities. 

Schools in Damac Hills also provide a nurturing environment for holistic development, ensuring students are well-prepared for the future. Parents can trust that their children are receiving a high-quality education in Damac Hills, setting them up for success.

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