Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Production City


Thinking of living in Dubai Production City but don’t know where to start read Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Production City. Well, worry not! Navigating through the ins and outs of residing in this bustling community is truly an exciting venture. We shall delve into the intricacies of the pros and cons to better assist you in finalizing your decision. For all you know, this city is not just a hub for media production, printing, publishing, and packaging but it also offers a popular residential sector. Dubai Production City, established in 2003, was envisioned as a world-class business community. This dynamic hub boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, fostering a thriving environment for a spectrum of industries.

Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai Production City

It is a fact that Dubai Production City is distinguished by its numerous advantages, all in all. However, it is equally important to acknowledge and assess all the pros and cons of living in Dubai Production City to fully gauge on what works and deal breakers for you.

Media Hub

In fact, Dubai Production City stands as a thriving hub for media professionals. In essence, it offers cutting-edge production facilities, modern studios, and creative spaces. Additionally, these amenities cultivate an environment conducive to innovative thinking which propels the media industry forward. In this sense, this is why the district’s commitment to quality and modern amenities makes it an attractive destination for creative minds worldwide.


Impeccable Infrastructure

Dubai Production City provides modern amenities, efficient transport, and public spaces. Because of its urban layout, equipped with upscale facilities, the place ensures convenience for residents and businesses alike. Additionally, it has well-structured roads for convenient mobility.


Business Opportunities

The city serves as a vibrant centre for various businesses and industries. Also, it generates numerous job opportunities all around the vicinity. Moreover, this diverse mix of job options not only supports professional growth but also fosters an environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to initiate their business ventures. Further, Dubai Production City becomes a melting pot of ideas and professions. Basically, it draws individuals from around the world eager to contribute to its growing business landscape.


Inclusive Community


Dubai Production City is an assemblage of diverse cultures and perspectives, and this creates an inclusive and open atmosphere. Therefore, residents from various corners of the globe bring their unique contributions, enriching the cultural fabric. In essence, this diversity makes the city an all-embracing community where people from different backgrounds come together.


Tax Benefits


Moreover, Dubai’s tax regulations act as a significant pull factor for individuals. In this sense, the promise of not paying taxes on income becomes an attractive incentive, especially for hardworking individuals and business-minded professionals. To add, this no-tax policy contributes to the city’s growth by attracting talented individuals to consider living in Dubai Production City. And all in all, it fosters a thriving and economically stable community.


Safety and Security


Surveillance systems, well-trained personnel, and strict safety protocols are integrated in this community. All in all, this creates a peace of mind to the residents knowing that they are properly protected.


Good Quality of Life


Dubai Production City prioritises the well-being of its residents, providing healthcare, education, and entertainment choices. Further, this encourages quality of life, not only focusing on work, but also improves personal and professional aspirations.


Cons of Living in Dubai Production City


Cons of living in dubai production city

high cost of living

traffic congestion

limited public transport

potential noise from construction


High Cost of Living

The cost of living, including housing, utilities, and amenities, can be considerably high. For instance, taking into account that Dubai Production City offers an array of attractions, high-end amenities, and enticing opportunities. Additionally, premium rates for housing options and elevated standards for utilities contribute to the overall


Traffic Congestion

In essence, it’s important to note that the hustle and bustle of Dubai Production City often leads to heavy traffic congestion – especially during peak hours. Also, these could impact commute times, causing delays for residents and commuters alike while going through the streets. Therefore, managing traffic flow becomes a routine 

Limited Public Transport

Evidently, there are limited public transport options In specific areas of Dubai Production City. Moreover, this limitation results in reliance on private vehicles, which may come as an inconvenience to some residents. Also, this dependency poses challenges, impacting convenient transportation, and adding stress to the urban


Noise from Construction

In some areas of Dubai Production City, ongoing development and construction developments in the city may experience noise and disruptions. Additionally, these activities can disrupt the peace, affecting the daily lives of residents. Therefore, if you’re someone who prefers peaceful environments and are thinking about 



In addition, the lively and bustling urban atmosphere in Dubai Production City might make some residents feel a bit disconnected or estranged from the calming presence of nature. Hence, even though the city offers exciting opportunities, the constant rhythm of city life can create a noticeable gap from the peaceful solace found in 


Properties for sale and Rent in Dubai Production City

Generally, whether you are thinking of a long-term investment or seeking a comfortable rental stay, Dubai Production City has it. Accordingly, from the enticing prospects of apartment ownership, to the flexibility of rental options, each listing offers a unique blend of size and pricing read all Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Production City.

Apartment Sale Options

For those living in Dubai Production City, the prices for apartments usually go from an average price of 310k AED for studio apartments to spacious 3 bedroom apartments for 1M AED.

Dubai Production City Rent

Additionally, Dubai Production City rent options are also available for people who prefer to rent. Moreover, average rental prices usually start at 35k AED/yr to 60k AED/yr. Also, the area for these apartments also ranges from 498 sq ft to 954 sq ft.

Community Living in Dubai Production City

Dubai Production City Location and Connectivity

Dubai Production City is linked to other parts of Dubai through various transportation options. Moreover, these range from the convenience of buses, taxis, or personal cars, the area caters to diverse commuting preferences by reading these Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Production City.



Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Autodrome

Global Village


Dubai International Airport (30 minutes drive)

Dubai World Central Airport (30 minutes drive)


Shopping, Dining, and Evening Entertainment


Residents of Dubai Production City enjoy a spectrum of choices for shopping, dining, and nightlife. Supermarkets like Carrefour Market, West Zone Fresh Supermarket, and Choithrams Supermarket cater to daily needs. 


On one hand, culinary enthusiasts can explore international cuisine at restaurants such as The Indian Pavilion, Amritsr Restaurant, and Sicily Cafe and Restaurant.


If you’re one who loves city nightlife, Dubai Production residents can unwind at bars and lounges like The Retreat, Caffeine and Co, and The Kana Cafe for a leisurely evening out.

Leisure Activities and Landmarks

Dubai Production City fosters an active lifestyle with ample leisure activities and notable landmarks. For example, the Dubai Production City Amphitheatre Park, has a huge playground, walking tracks, and picnic areas, provides a green oasis for residents.



Dubai Miracle Garden


Dubai Autodrome


Global Village

Dubai Production City-is-surrounded-by-sports facilities-in-Dubai-Sports-City

Dubai Production City is surrounded by sports facilities in Dubai Sports City:

Football Stadium

Indoor sports arena

Community Amenities, Education, and Healthcare

Overall, Dubai Production City caters to the holistic needs of its residents providing a variety of amenities, schools, and healthcare facilities. Also, this encompasses supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes to renowned fitness centres like Fitness First and GymNation by reading Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai Production City.


  • GEMS Metropole School
  • Dubai British School
  • Indian High School


Dubai Production City, established in 2003, is a unique hub dedicated to media production related industries. Moreover, it's not just a thriving business community, but also also offers various residential properties.

Overall, Living in Dubai Production City brings several advantages. That is, including being a bustling media hub, enjoying top-notch infrastructure, and diverse business prospects. Additionally, an inclusive international community, attractive tax benefits, safety, and a high quality of life.

Indeed, challenges include a relatively high cost of living, traffic congestion during peak hours, limited public transport in specific areas, occasional noise from ongoing construction projects, and potential feelings of urban isolation.

All in all, Dubai Production City provides a variety of housing options, ranging from cozy studio apartments to spacious 3-bedroom residences. Additionally, there are both purchasing and rental choices for everyone to choose depending on their preferences and budget considerations.

Dubai Production City features a range of amenities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Also, this encompasses supermarkets, fitness centres, schools and healthcare. It is, truly, a well-rounded community to live in.

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