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About Al Jubail Island Community

Al Jubail Island is a beautiful and luxurious island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its massive area measures 5,000 hectares and contains mangrove forests and estuaries. It is a magnificent and elegant waterfront project by LEAD developers. 

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This vibrant community is a haven for modern living, nestled in a picturesque setting. Residents here enjoy a diverse range of housing options, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and penthouses. With stunning amenities and a welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place to call home.

Community Features

Al Jubail Island community is composed of a total of six village communities. Each of these communities boasts distinct styles and ambiance. 

Six Villages in Al Jubail Island Community

Marfaa Al Jubail

The village offers apartments and luxurious villas. The residences in this village are also close to important facilities like shops and restaurants.

Nad Al Dhabi

This village boasts a full 360 view of the beautiful natural surroundings. It offers residents an actual living in a park ambiance.

Seef Al Jubail

This community presents massive villas ideal for families. It is also close to the beach and parks, which makes it a perfect place for a family hangout.

Souk Al Jubail

This village settles at the center of the island and connects to the five other villages. It presents a beautiful community that promotes community, positive experience, and nature.

Ain Al Maha

Ain Al Maha is the perfect place for seclusion and peace. It nestles close to the mangrove forests and provides isolated residences.

Bada Al Jubail

This is a luxurious community in Al Jubail Island. It offers world class spas and wellness facilities and high-class hotels.

The key highlight of Al Jubail Island community is connectivity and peaceful location. It is strategically located between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island. It is also just 15 minutes away from Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, it offers a variety of amenities and essential facilities. It displays the perfect combination of beauty, convenience, and top-tier connectivity.

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Properties in Al Jubail Island

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The properties in the Al Jubail Island community range from apartments to villas and mansions.

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Apartments in Al Jubail Island Community

Unit Type in Jubail Island: Studio, 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Apartment

Average Size: 61.31 sqm – 239.7 sq m

Villas in Al Jubail Island Community

Al Jubail Island community offers a wide range of spacious villa offerings. It varies in size, type, and style.


4 Bedroom Villas

  • Type V4 (GSA: 337 sq m)
  • Type V4 Select (GSA: 377 sq m)
  • Type V4 Executive (GSA: 423 sq m)

5 Bedroom Villas

  • Type V5 (GSA: 477 sq m)
  • Type V5 Executive (GSA: 528 sq m)
  • Type V5 Select (GSA: 619 sq m)

5 Bedroom Villas Mediterranean Style

  • Type V5 Med (GSA: 549.14 sq m)
  • Type V5 Med Executive (GSA: 554.3 sq m)
  • Type V5 Med Select (GSA: 708 sq m)
  • Type V5 Med Elite (GSA: 717.02 sq m)

6 Bedroom Villas

  • Type V6 Select (GSA: 813 sq m)
  • Type V6 Elite (GSA: 831 sq m)
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Mansions in Al Jubail Island Community

Mansions in Al Jubail Island reside in the Bada Al Jubail village. It offers 6 to 8-bedroom mansions, each with elegant designs and spacious areas. It also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows for a full-view of the surroundings. It also has open-plan living areas, and stunning views of the surroundings.

6 Bedroom Mansions

  • Noor (GSA: 1,145 sq m)
  • Reem  (GSA: 1,232  sq m)
  • Maya (GSA: 1,337 sq m)
  • Haya (GSA: 1,286 sq m)
  • Zeina (GSA: 1,623 sq m)

7 Bedroom Mansions

  • Mira (GSA: 1,850 sq m)

8 Bedroom Mansions

  • Laila (GSA: 3,084 sq m)
  • Jamila (GSA: 2,598 sq m)
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What are the nearby Malls on Al Jubail Island?

Al Jubail Island community has several shopping options nearby in Abu Dhabi and

Yas Island. These shopping centers and retail hubs present options for a variety of products and experiences.

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Al Jubail Island Restaurants

The Al Jubail Island Community currently does not have any dining establishments. However, the residents in the community can easily reach other dining establishments.

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Hotels in Al Jubail Island

If you are looking for great hotel accommodation near Al Jubail Island, you do not have to worry. Al Jubail Island community is surrounded by world-class hotels that provide the best amenities and features for the guests. These hotels are located either on Saadiyat Island or in Abu Dhabi.

Explore these nearby hotels:


Al Jubail Island offers apartments, villas, and mansions that residents can choose from.

LEAD is the developer of the Al Jubail Island community.

Al Jubail Island covers a massive 5,000 hectares.

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