Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai | Budget, Housing, and Health Care

Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai

Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai. Over the past 12 months, more than 100, 000 people moved to Dubai. As of the year 2023, there is a total population of 3,604,030 according to the Dubai Statistics Centre. Imagine how big the population is? But wait, this population has even expanded. The expatriate population in UAE in the year 2023 has reached around 9 million. What’s the reason for this? It’s because of the cost of living in Dubai. Yes, many would say that the cost of living in Dubai could be higher than what you expected, but salaries here are generally competitive. That’s why expats love to live in Dubai.

Dubai Living Expenses for Expats | Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai

Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai per month always varies. But most individuals spend an average of $1, 975 for their living expenses. For instance, if you are a family of four, you can have an average of $4, 456, but again, this depends on your daily spending (food, rent, bills, and other expenses).

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Food Expenses

Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai Most expats and other individuals living in Dubai can spend an average of $451 on the food expenses. Each month, they can have an average cost of $1, 172. Food is one aspect of your budget that can lessen your cost of living in Dubai. It’s because groceries in Dubai are less expensive than in other countries, especially when compared to the United States. However, it’s another storty if you prefer eating out. Your food expenses may double or triple depending on the restaurant you’re dining in.

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Cost of Living in Dubai

Rent & Transportation

Rent Expenses

Moreover, based on some research, the cost of rent in Dubai is usually around $1, 193 on average. But you have to note that this depends on what type of property you’re renting. If it’s a villa or a townhouse, then expect to have a higher budget than the usual you have.


Transportation Expenses

An expat can spend up to an average of $190 per month. A local transport ticket costs around $2. Expect that you should allocate the mentioned budget. However, the rate is different when you want to grab a taxi for your daily transportation. For example, a taxi ride for 5 miles is around $11.90. If you have your own car, you need to spend at least $.89 for your gas (¼ gallon of gas).

Cost of Housing in Dubai

Did you know that the cost of living in Dubai is 49% less expensive than living in New York and also less 20% cheaper than in Toronto? Yes, you read it right! Plus, the cost of living in Dubai is 35% cheaper than living in London. Who wouldn’t want that, right?




Cost of Education in Dubai

Education in Dubai is always serving high-quality. Dubai has 67 different universities, and these universities offer different ranges of tuition fees (depending on their programs).

The cost of education in Dubai is somewhat similar to other costs of tuition in other countries. Some universities in Dubai, especially undergraduate programs, usually range from $10, 900 up to $27,000 in one academic year.


Cost of Healthcare in Dubai

If moving to a country, one of the biggest concerns of every individual is the cost of healthcare. So if you’re a 50 year old expat, the best healthcare that you can acquire is a health insurance plan.This costs around $363 per month.




Saving Money in Dubai

As mentioned, the cost of living in Dubai is cheaper than New York City, London, and Toronto. So out of your maximum budget, you also need to save even a little, but without compromising your health and lifestyle.



Expat Life in Dubai and Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai

Expats Guide to the Cost of Living in Dubai The cost of living in Dubai for expats doesn’t have a specific cost. The suggested costs mentioned in this blog are not a restrictive rule, it’s only a guide for expats to stay on a budget. After all, we all have different needs and wants.

Aside from the less expensive cost of living in Dubai, Dubai also is one of the safest places to live. Plus, it’s also a low-tax country and offers a high-standard of living. Again, the cost of living in Dubai can be high, but the life you have in Dubai is incomparable.

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