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Asset management might seem quite technical but at its core is the goal to ultimately lead to your financial success. Essentially, it is more than a service but it also stands as a strategic partnership to help grow the value of your assets.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management in its most simple definition, means managing the assets of people, organizations, institutions, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and corporations. It is the service that manages assets and employs investment strategies to ultimately increase their clients’ wealth. To fully understand what asset management is, it is beneficial to define what assets mean first. Assets pertain to anything owned by an individual, organization, or business that has value.

Examples of assets are:

Consequently, companies who manage assets are referred to as “asset managers”, Like our company, which is ranked as best real estate management Company. The asset manager job duties not only involve overseeing the assets but a vital part of it is ‘growing’ that asset. On the finance side, 

Financial assets cover:




Shares in private funds

Furidiciaries is the term to describe asset management companies. This means they have full autonomy over the funds of their clients. They have the right to trade, invest, or maintain the investments of their clients 

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How Asset Management Works

The first thing that asset management wants is to evaluate the risk level of their clients. This way, they can adjust to the risk tolerance of each client when examining investment opportunities and risks. Some clients fall on the conservative side where they are not comfortable with risky investments. On the other hand, some also fall to the other extreme which is the aggressive. These are clients who can tolerate high-risk investments.

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Different financial investments that clients can choose from:



Real estate


Alternative investments

Mutual funds

It is part of asset finance management to pair different clients with investments that go in line with their risk tolerance.

Responsibilities of Asset Managers

Asset Managers Responsibilities​

There are key points you need to know about asset manager job duties.

Creation of client portfolio

Administers and supervises assets daily

Adjusting to changes as needed

Provide clear communication to clients about their asset performance

Maximizing returns

Key Components of Asset Management

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Investment Strategy Development

This entails creating strategies in accordance with the client’s goals, risk tolerance, and preferred time schedule.

Portfolio Management

Asset management servicing takes the responsibility of managing your portfolio. They generate ways and 

Risk Management

Asset manager job duties include assessing the risks that come with every investment that clients want 

Performance Monitoring

It is the asset management’s job to monitor the performance of investments in order to assess the whole status of their client’s portfolio.

Reporting and Communication

Asset managers handle the job of consistently communicating and reporting to clients about each

Financial Planning and Advice

Asset managers are proficient at providing clients with professional financial advice and planning. They 

Types of Asset Managers

The types of asset managers depend on the services they offer and the areas they specialize. Each type answers to distinct asset manager job duties. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of asset managers. It will help you determine their roles and choose the right type to cater to your needs.

They usually offer personalized services to particular individuals, especially high-profile people. They offer expert advice regarding their financial performance and how to increase their wealth.

  • Private wealth managers
  • Financial advisors

Asset servicing that specializes in managing the assets of institutions. This includes assets from insurance companies, pension funds, educational institutions, foundations, non-profits, and the government.

  • Pension fund managers
  • Insurance asset managers

These are managers who typically focus on supervising financial assets like mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, and equity. 

  • Mutual fund managers
  • Exchange-traded fund managers
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Private equity managers

These are asset management servicing that centers on administering real estate assets like residential, commercial, and investments.

  • Residential real estate managers
  • Commercial real estate managers

Managers that oversee the assets of a corporation. This includes overseeing the investments, cash flow, risks, tangible assets, and more. 

  • Treasury managers
  • Fixed asset managers

These are asset managers who manage distinct assets like infrastructure, natural resources, and more.

  • Infrastructure managers
  • Natural resources managers
  • Impact and ESG Managers (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

It refers to professionals who specialize in managing niche market assets or providing wealth management services.


These are managers who handle the assets of clients and invest them in high-potential start-up companies or companies on the brink of bankruptcy. 


These types of managers may not be human at all or managers who venture into investments of blockchain assets or digital currencies.

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Asset Management vs Wealth Management

Some people confuse asset management and wealth management. However, these two have their differences.

Asset Management vs Wealth Management


Asset management, generally, aids in the process of enhancing the value of your investments and maximizing returns. Usually, this entails managing the assets in place of clients with the goal of increasing wealth and minimizing risks. Additionally, one needs to know what type of property managers they need to ensure that all their investment goals are catered to.

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APIL Properties is one of the best companies offering asset management in Dubai. We ensure to maximize your returns, increase your wealth, and minimize risks.

Financial investments involve stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, real estate properties, and more. Depending on the risk factors and preferences of clients, they can choose from these types.

There are numerous types of asset managers. Some of them are individual or wealth managers, institutional asset managers, investment fund managers, real estate asset managers, corporate asset managers, and more.

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