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Everything About The LIV DEVELOPER

LIV Developers, one of the top real estate development firms in Dubai. They are popular for creating exceptional homes that exemplify a high standard of life. Established in 1991, The Principles of LIV Dubai boasts a highly skilled workforce. They have also made substantial investments in various UAE sectors. The Developers have changed the real estate market since its foundation in 2000 by creating luxurious, well-built residences. In Dubai Marina, their new flagship location merges 28 years of extensive history. It boasts a forward-thinking outlook to create an iconic property. These creative and environmentally conscious developers are reinventing living areas and offering residents a luxurious and contemporary way of life.As a brand, the Developers are famous for designing lavish homes across the globe. Their developments offer an abundance of high-end amenities and ensure an exceptional quality of life for their residents.

In New York, the business also constructed mixed-use, retail, and industrial areas. Latif Residence significantly contributed to raising the Company’s value. The company has a solid reputation for being highly efficient and trustworthy in the design and production of projects. All of these projects emphasize construct quality, paying meticulous attention to details in materials and procedures. They also strive to complete tasks on schedule.


Founded in 2000, LIV Developers is a real estate development company based in Dubai. The establishment of luxury real estate in New York and Los Angeles laid the groundwork for the company. Latif Habib serves as the CEO of LIV Dubai, while Ishan Khwaja holds the position of director. The Principles of LIV have a large and highly qualified staff based in Dubai. 


Palm Jumeirah 

The palm-tree-shaped, artificial island along the coast of Dubai that stretches across the Arabian Gulf is the intersection of art and luxury. It houses luxurious hotels and resorts, notable attractions, and exclusive villas.

The LIV Hospitality Design Awards

This award recognizes global excellence in architecture, interior design, and hospitality visitor experience. The prizes are a part of the esteemed 3C Awards, which promote design all across the world.

Discovery Gardens 

Discovery Gardens is a six-themed cluster of about 300 buildings with spacious apartments and numerous amenities, including the Discovery Gardens Pavilion, sports courts, and swimming pools.


The Developers was started by director Ishan Khwaja and CEO Latif Habib.

With sizes ranging from 757 to 6,600 square feet, the apartments are roomy. With studios priced at AED 837,000, one-bedroom apartments at AED 1,270,000, and two-bedroom apartments at AED 1,750,000. The property supplier offers a variety of upmarket properties. Each flat is fully furnished.

Close to Jumeirah Beach Residence and The Walk at JBR beaches are Liv Dubai's projects in Dubai Marina. This includes LIV Waterside and Latif Residence. 

It offers a broad range of services, including construction. As well as the design and development of real estate projects. With a focus on Latif housing, the business has experience producing projects in both the commercial and residential sectors.

One of the most well-known brands in Dubai's real estate industry is Liv Dubai. The company specializes in building opulent mansions that are the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. Latif Residence is one of the city's most sought-after and heavily invested areas. Considering each of these factors, it makes sense to invest in this developer.

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