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Everything About DECA PROPERTIES

Dubai is home to DECA Properties, a real estate developer. This sincere developer provides reasonable real estate promotions, typically with long-term payment schedules that investors find quite appealing. They have an unrivaled network of professionals and more than 20 years of expertise working with Dubai’s best developers. Therefore, DECA Properties Dubai offers a unique perspective on “exclusive residences” that will excite both novice and seasoned investors

With its inception dating back to 1989, Skyline Developer Dubai boasts a distinguished reputation in the real estate industry. Accumulating 35 years of expertise, the company has successfully completed 158 projects. To add, it spans over an impressive 16 million square feet of built space.


This masterwork of architecture offers well-balanced modern and environmentally conscious living. It also offers well-designed 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. Across the globe, the corporation maintains alliances with over 2,500 countries. This includes the US, UK, Russia, China, France, India, and South Africa. DECA Properties Dubai has a strong


Arabian Hills Estate

Deca Properties is the developer of the residential property Arabian Hills Estate. Deca properties projects

Olivia Residences

A modern project in Dubai Investment Park 1 with views of the Green Community Park.

Deca Trinity Apartments

A residential development planned for premium residences, first-rate amenities, and services in Arjan, Dubai.


Based in Dubai, DECA Properties is a real estate developer that provides long-term payment plans. This is together with reasonably priced real estate marketing.

Top amenities availableย  includes a rooftop deck, a heated saltwater pool, and a fitness center. As well as a coworking space, keyless entry, smart apartments, NEST thermostats, and in-unit washers and dryers. These are all available at DECA Apartments in Greenville.

Unity Park is 3. minutes and.9 miles away from DECA Apartments.

Investors favor the long-term payment options that Deca Properties provides. For instance, Olivia Residences provides flexibility for individuals with varying financial backgrounds with an inventive payment plan.

Among the top developers in Dubai, Deca Properties has more than 20 years of experience.

Located at Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, Olivia by Deca, also called Olivia Residences, is a contemporary structure. With views of the Green Community Park, the building nestes between Central Park and the Green Community.

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