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Choosing between Dubai Hills and DAMAC Lagoons is a delightful dilemma. These are two of Dubai’s most prestigious residential neighbourhoods. 

Both combine contemporary amenities with luxurious living. 

Additionally, each community has exceptional features that support a variety of lifestyles. But what sets them apart? Or which one is better? In this comparison, we’ll delve deep into DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills. 

We will examine the main differences between the two. This includes the amenities, features, location and connectivity. As well as the property options and price range of DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills. 

We will also explore the investment opportunities and the pros and cons of living in these communities. By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what makes each neighbourhood unique. Thus, helping you make an informed decision about where to call home.

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What makes Damac Lagoons and Dubai Hills different?

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When choosing between DAMAC Lagoons and Dubai Hills, you really can’t go wrong. DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS Estate are two of Dubai's top residential areas. Each community offers a unique combination of luxury living and modern facilities. Additionally, the features of DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS are all outstanding. But what makes it different? And which residential community fits you best? Let’s explore the main difference between DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills.

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DAMAC Lagoons

Damac Lagoons is a leisure-oriented waterfront community with access to top-notch facilities in beautiful surroundings. The neighborhood is designed to transport people to an amazing paradise. It offers eight gorgeous city-themed clusters.

Furthermore, Damac Lagoons settle at Dubailand and close to the Damac Hills Community. Hence, it provides convenient access to key major highways such as Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, and Al Khail Road. With this, residents can reach famous locations in minutes.

More importantly, Damac Properties embraces the concept of the “Eight Wonders of the Mediterranean”. It introduces an exciting lifestyle theme to buyers and investors. It promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind living experience in Dubai. This development launched on Q4 2021 and is expected to be completed on Q4 2024.


Anyone who loves the Mediterranean or wants to experience it, will surely consider this the perfect community.

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Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills Estate, on the other hand, is developed by Emaar Properties. The community overlooks an 18-hole championship golf course. It also represents premier community living. Moreover, this mixed-use development covers more than 2,700 acres in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It promises an extraordinary living experience.



For instance, residents have access to a variety of amenities. Its highlights are its landscaped parks, gardens, walks, and open spaces. It is a residential development that caters to people who desire an active lifestyle.


Additionally, the existence of a golf course and clubhouse boosts the leisure options. Meanwhile, Dubai Hills Park acts as an outdoor living hub. It spans to 180,000 square metres featuring amenities such as jogging tracks, splash parks, and sports courts. What’s more, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Hills Mall are also nearby. Therefore, homeowners have easy access to entertainment and shopping choices.

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Damac Lagoons vs Dubai Hills : Detailed Comparison

In essence, Damac Lagoons focuses on water adventures and recreational activities. Overall, providing a waterfront living experience. In contrast, Dubai Hills Estate promotes an active lifestyle within lush green surroundings. Therefore, whichever you choose highly depends on your preference and lifestyle.

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Location and Connectivity

Both of the residential communities have an ideal location. There really is no winner, location wise, in DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills. Both offer easy access to major roads and necessary facilities.  Firstly, DAMAC Lagoons is located in the center of Dubailand.

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Amenities and Features

It is apparent that the features of DAMAC Lagoons and Dubai Hills are all top-notch. This is why these communities are highly appealing to investors and buyers. Therefore, this makes choosing between DAMAC Lagoons and Dubai Hills quite challenging. 

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DAMAC Lagoons Amenities

As the name implies, the neighborhood is graced by crystal clear lagoons and beautiful waterfalls. It radiates a Riviera holiday vibe. Additionally, it sticks with the visionary strategy of creating breath-taking beach vibes. Overall, DAMAC Lagoons is complete with world class facilities and amenities such as:

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Dubai Hills Amenities

On the other hand, Dubai Hills emphasises sports and integrates green surroundings. What elevated the community is its peaceful ambiance. This also blends well with the sports-focused facilities that encourage residents to stay fit.

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Property Options and Price Range

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One of the most decisive factors in choosing between DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS is their property options and price range. DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills community offers various property types. These also come in different sizes and price ranges.

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DAMAC Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons Dubai offers a varied range of property options perfect for both investors and end users. You can choose from villas or townhouses with 3 to 6 bedrooms. To add, each spanning two or three levels and decorated with high-quality fittings and furnishings. Plus, you get to enjoy your property amidst beautiful waterfalls and lagoons.


Over the last year, the community has had thousands of home transactions. Hence, demonstrating its popularity and demand.


On the ground floor, most units include large living areas, maid’s quarters, kitchens, and storage places. While on the second floor, there are master bedrooms and patios. Also, some properties feature rooftop areas with distinct terraces and linked rooms. Some have private gardens and parking facilities for enhanced convenience as well read this full article to know which is best in DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS.

VillasAverage SizeAverage Price
3 bedroom
2073 sq ft
AED 1950000 or USD 530904
4 bedroom
2280 sq ft
AED 2100000 or USD 571743
5 bedroom
2398 sq ft
AED 2900000 or USD 789550
6 bedroom
4784 sq ft
AED 4900000 or USD 1334067
TownhousesAverage SizeAverage Price
3 bedroom
1550 sq ft
AED 1800000 or USD 490065
4 bedroom
1550 sq ft
AED 1,925,000 or USD 524,098
5 bedroom
1550 sq ft
AED 2550000 or USD 694259
6 bedroom
4885 sq ft
AED 6100000 or USD 1660777
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Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills Estate, spanning over 11 million square meters, seeks to house over 150,000 people in around 20 distinct sub communities. 


The neighborhood will comprise approximately 30,000 residences. This includes apartments, villas, and townhouses, to suit a variety of interests and lifestyles.

ApartmentsAverage SizeAverage Price
414 sq ft
AED 900000 or USD 245033
1 bedroom
486 sq ft
AED 990000 or USD 269536
2 bedroom
746 sq ft
AED 1500000 or USD 408388
3 bedroom
1,358 sq ft
AED 2950000 or USD 803163
VillasAverage SizeAverage Price
3 bedroom
2097 sq ft
AED 3700000 or USD 1007356
4 bedroom
2171 sq ft
AED 4300000 or USD 1170712
5 bedroom
2726 sq ft
AED 5150000 or USD 1402131
6 bedroom
7535 sq ft
AED 18500000 or USD 5032782
7 bedroom
14957 sq ft
AED 34999000 or USD 9528775
TownhousesAverage SizeAverage Price
3 bedroom
2228 sq ft
AED 3999999 or USD 1089034
4 bedroom
2174 sq ft
AED 4100000 or USD 1116260
5 bedroom
3098 sq ft
AED 5150000 or USD 1402131
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Why You Should Invest in DAMAC Lagoons or Dubai Hills

Let’s start at a broader perspective first and foremost. In this sense, it’s hard to deny that Dubai offers the best investment opportunities. Investing in Dubai properties provides exceptional rewards. This is thanks to the city’s business-friendly regulations, tax advantages, high rental yields, and its dedication to safety and stability.

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Business-Friendly laws

Dubai’s visionary leadership and wide range of tax exemption laws demonstrate the city’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment for businesses. The city’s construction of free trade zones increases its attraction to foreign investors. It also provides incentives such as 100% foreign ownership. Furthermore, Dubai’s proactive approach to streamlining rules provides an easy process for establishing and running businesses. This indicates its commitment to supporting innovation and economic growth.

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Dubai attracts real estate investors looking for financial benefits and strategic prospects. This is due to its globally unique tax system, which establishes no personal income or property taxes. Therefore, investors can retain a significant amount of their profits due to the lack of personal income and property taxes. In turn, this increases liquidity for those hoping to profit from the city’s rapidly expanding real estate market.

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Safety and Stability

Dubai’s standing as one of the world’s safest cities highlights the appeal of this top investment location. The well-being of inhabitants is ensured by low crime rates and a strong security presence, which also create a safe environment for businesses and investors. Dubai’s dedication to security fosters an atmosphere in which people and businesses may prosper in peace, which increases Dubai’s allure as a location for real estate investments.

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Property Appreciation Potential

Going into the specifics now is DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills appreciation potential. Overall, the AED/sq ft of properties in DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS has increased significantly over the years. According to our research, in 2022, Damac Lagoons 3 bedroom villa properties are priced at 749 AED/sq ft on average. 

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Pros and Cons of DAMAC Lagoons and Dubai Hills

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In the quest of choosing between DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS, it’s best to also consider the pros and cons. This is for you to better weigh down your choices and choose the best community in Dubai for you. That is in the sense that it aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

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Pros of living in DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills

Living in DAMAC Lagoons provides inhabitants with exceptional experiences. One of its distinctive features is its clusters inspired by Mediterranean wonders.


Additionally, it is conveniently close to MBR City and Dubai highways. This location offers quick access to important locations. This includes Business Bay, Dubai Mall, and Dubai International Airport. Moreover, DAMAC Lagoons provide a self-sufficient community lifestyle. It has access to restaurants, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and entertainment.


Also, DAMAC Lagoons encompasses water features and offers a range of aquatic activities. To add, DAMAC Lagoons is family friendly and pet friendly. It has lots of green space and pet-friendly amenities. The community also has spacious living options such as villas and townhouses that can fit larger families.


On the other hand, Dubai Hills Estate’s location in MBR City provides quick access to important areas. Such as Emirates Hills, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina.


Furthermore, despite being in the middle of the city, Dubai Hills Estate offers its residents a calm environment. It is a pleasant escape from the bustle of the city. It is also surrounded by beautiful greenery, parks, and gardens. What’s more, the community offers a range of townhouses and villas that are ideal for families.


Accordingly, the community has many parks, tennis courts, jogging routes, shared gyms, and swimming pools. This allows residents to enjoy an active lifestyle, especially for golf enthusiasts. Finally, residents of Dubai Hills Estate are welcome to keep animals in their homes. This is also without restrictions from breeding or using them for commercial purposes.

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Cons of Living in DAMAC Lagoons vs Dubai Hills

In comparison to other districts in Dubai, property prices may be greater in DAMAC LAGOONS vs DUBAI HILLS. This can be a problem for purchasers on a tight budget who are looking for less expensive options in other parts of the city.

Both neighborhoods are still in the planning stages, with numerous projects ongoing. Those looking for move-in ready properties or quick occupancy may need to be patient with this continuing development. A lot of developments are still under construction, which can put off some prospective residents.

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Damac Lagoons and Dubai Hills provide luxurious living combined with contemporary conveniences. Damac Lagoons offers themed clusters inspired by Mediterranean marvels. It places emphasis on coastal lifestyle that is peaceful. Dubai Hills Estate, on the other hand, promotes an active lifestyle in a lush, green setting. Together with a view of an 18-hole championship golf course.

DAMAC Lagoons provides townhouses and villas with three to six bedrooms. Meanwhile, townhouses, villas, and apartments are available at Dubai Hills Estate. Both of them accommodate various preferences and price ranges.

Property investments in Dubai provide great returns. This is because of the city's business-friendly policies, tax benefits, high rental yields, stability, and safety. In Dubai's booming real estate market, DAMAC Lagoons and Dubai Hills both provide profitable investment options due to their potential for property values to grow.

DAMAC Lagoons offer a waterfront living experience. It features gondola rides like those in Venice, waterparks, exercise facilities, and more. Meanwhile, Dubai Hills Estate encourages an active and tranquil lifestyle. It features a green environment with its massive 18-hole championship golf course, large parks, sports courts, and fitness centers.

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