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Damac Hills 2 Apartments for Sale


Dubai boasts an array of captivating real estate developments. A notable feature are the golf-centered projects that have gained prominence in recent years. Among these, Damac Hills 2 or Akoya Oxygen stands as a distinguished mega-project, crafted by Damac Properties. Spanning approximately 55 million square feet, Damac Hills 2 emerges as a pinnacle within Dubai’s real estate ventures. It also offers a tapestry of exquisite and opulent DAMAC apartments options. Moreover, these projects garner significant attention within the realm of real estate development in the region. It embraces the integration of golfing amenities, luxurious living spaces, and expansive green landscapes,

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DAMAC Hills 2 Apartments

studio apartment

Studio Apartments

Damac Hills 2 presents a collection of splendid studio apartments, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style. These compact yet elegant living spaces, ranging from approximately 357 sq. ft., provide residents with a cozy abode.

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1 - 2 bedroom Apartments

Furthermore, the DAMAC Hills 2 apartment residence adorned with breathtaking towers also offers spacious 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. Consequently, these range between 420 sq. ft. and 698 sq. ft. These DAMAC apartments for sale provide residents panoramic views of the lush greenery.

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3 - bedroom Apartments

DAMAC Hills 2 apartments for sale also include spacious and elegant 3-bedroom apartments. This average size for this configuration is around 1,686 sq ft offering ample space for families.

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The pricing of properties for sale in DAMAC Hills 2 apartment depends on crucial factors that impact their value and cost.


Such as, property size plays a significant role. Larger spaces tend to demand higher prices due to increased space.Additionally, properties with more amenities, such as leisure spaces, pools, gardens, and others often carry higher price tags. This owes to the added convenience and luxury they provide to residents.


Moreover, the key factors influencing pricing decisions are location within the community, quality of construction, current market demand, and the reputation of the developer.


Therefore, understanding these factors is essential for prospective buyers in making informed decisions. Specifically, factors that align with their preferences, budget, and investment objectives when considering DAMAC Hills 2 apartment.

Lifestyle in Damac Hills 2

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Residents of DAMAC Hills 2 indulge in a lifestyle designed to embrace lush greenery. As well as foster a sense of community, and provide a sanctuary away from the city's hustle and bustle.

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Community and Amenities

The community’s extensive development plan includes five distinctive districts: Water Town, Sports Town, Downtown, Equestrian Town, and Motor Town. 


  • Water Town

Water Town invites you to unwind and enjoy its leisurely offerings. This includes a lazy river, the inviting ‘Malibu Beach’ setup, wave surfing simulator, and an outdoor floating cinema. As well as, a boating lake alongside a cozy café, splash pad, a water slide, and water playground for families and friends.


  • Sports Town

Sports Town is the ultimate destination for sports enthusiast, boasting a well-equipped cricket ground and nets. It also has an outdoor gym area, a paddle court, football field, and a volleyball court. As well as, a basketball court, a 3-kilometer jogging track, and a 6.8-kilometer cycling track.


  • Downtown

Downtown is calm and offers many activities. There is a designated area for barbecues. Additionally, there is a fun maze to explore and play areas for kids. 

Visitors can also enjoy big games such as chess and snakes and ladders. Moreover, there is a peaceful zen garden and an amphitheater for shows and events. 


  • Equestrian Town

Equestrian Town caters to horse enthusiasts. It features a designated area for horse riding accompanied by well-maintained stables. It also hosts a lively farmers’ market for all things related to equestrian pursuits.


  • Motor Town

Motor Town is the thrill-seeker’s paradise. It houses an exciting go-kart track where visitors can experience the adrenaline rush of competitive racing fun.


Presently, the community offers a hydroponic café, a community center, retail shops, and various dining options. The existing amenities in DAMAC apartments include fully equipped gyms, and temperature-controlled swimming pools. As well as, jogging parks, cycling tracks, and sports facilities like tennis, basketball, cricket pitches, and football fields. 

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Location and Connectivity

It stands amidst Jebel Ali – Lehbab Road (E77) and Al Ain – Dubai Highway (E66). What’s more, DAMAC Hills 2 apartments stand near prominent destinations such as the Expo 2020 site. The community benefits from easy access through major highways, particularly Al Qudra Road, offering residents effortless connections to Dubai’s essential locales.


Furthermore, an array of nearby activities is available when you buy DAMAC apartments. A short 15-minute drive leads to TIGC, a beloved Golf Club within DAMAC Hills. It offers a clubhouse, hotel, and dining options sprawled across 30,000 sq. ft.


For outdoor enthusiasts, an evening at the lively Global Village or a serene visit to Al Qudra Lake. Both are easily accessible and are perfect weekend options for quality family time. 


You can even immerse yourself in cultural experiences at Al Marmoom Heritage Village. Or relish the tranquility of desert camping amid nature’s embrace.


With seamless access to Dubai’s highways, residents can effortlessly explore local landmarks. As well as go to museums, diverse dining spots, and engage in various leisure events across the cityscape.

Damac Hills 2 Apartments for Sale

Buildings Offering DAMAC Hills 2 Apartments

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Residents of DAMAC Hills 2 indulge in a lifestyle designed to embrace lush greenery. As well as foster a sense of community, and provide a sanctuary away from the city's hustle and bustle.

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Fiora Apartments

Fiora Apartments are an exceptional offering consisting of two residential towers linked by a podium. It features a world-class swimming pool and a running track. Each DAMAC apartment within Fiora boasts clean lines and expansive glass-fronted balconies. Thus, creating spaces that invite ample natural light.


The airy interiors of these DAMAC Hills 2 apartments complement their modern infrastructure. Meanwhile, the podium presents a myriad of amenities with scenic views of the community’s vast parklands.


Fiora Apartments offer a variety of contemporary studios, one, and two-bedroom units, each offering breathtaking views. Vibrant color schemes define these living spaces, presenting a delightful blend of liveliness and relaxation. The project showcases unique water-based entertainment, sports facilities, and a range of refreshing experiences.

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Amora Luxury Apartments

Amora Luxury Apartments presents an exquisite collection of studios, one, and two-bedroom residences, set amidst water attractions, sports amenities, and leisure experiences. These DAMAC Hills 2 apartments for sale boast meticulous design, offering elegant interiors that enhance your everyday living.


Enveloped by water on all sides, these apartments epitomize premium luxury living. This also has world-class sports and entertainment facilities. Amora Luxury Apartments provide carefully designed spaces. These emphasize comfort and luxury for an enriched lifestyle experience in the heart of DAMAC Hills 2.

Damac Hills 2 Apartments for Sale
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Investment Potential

Investing in DAMAC Hills 2 Apartments offers a myriad of compelling reasons and advantages for investors.

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What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Investment Opportunity


That being said, DAMAC Hills 2 stands as a residential and commercial marvel nestled in the heart of Dubai. This development boasts exquisite amenities, ranging from retail and entertainment venues to leisure and leisure facilities, ensuring a sophisticated and fulfilling living experience.



Key reasons to consider investing in DAMAC Hills 2 apartments:


DAMAC Hills 2 is an enticing investment hub. Contributing to this is its close proximity to iconic landmarks. This includes the Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, and the Dubai Mall underscores its convenience. What’s more, it’s accessible to major roads and highways, and its central location enhances its appeal even more.

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Luxurious Amenities

Damac Hills 2 emphasizes luxury living by offering an array of sophisticated amenities. This comprises a mall, swimming pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts, spa, and more. Residents relish diverse lifestyle options, encompassing shopping, dining, and leisure activities, all nestled within the development.

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Affordable Prices

Despite its opulent offerings and prime location, DAMAC Hills 2 surprises with its affordable prices. With prices starting at just AED 350,000, it presents an enticing investment prospect. DAMAC apartments have something to offer to everyone.

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Investment Potential

Investing in DAMAC Hills 2 apartment presents a significant avenue for wealth generation and a profitable portfolio. The expected price increase in the future makes it a good investment for both short and long term investors.

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Rental Opportunities

DAMAC Hills 2 apartments also stand as an ideal option for landlords and real estate investors. Therefore, presenting high demand and promising high rental yields. This makes it an appealing choice for those seeking to capitalize on generating passive income.

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We’ve detailed the elegance, convenience, and investment advantages. But the ultimate decision rests in your hands. Take the time to explore the available options, envisage the lifestyle it offers, and weigh the benefits it presents. Whether you seek an exquisite home or a lucrative investment, DAMAC Hills 2 awaits your discerning choice. Embark on a journey to explore DAMAC Hills 2 Apartments today, where luxurious living and potential investments await. Your ideal home or lucrative venture might be closer than you think. The decision is yours to embrace.

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Damac Hills 2 Apartments for Sale
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DAMAC Hills 2 offers studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, each designed to cater to diverse living preferences.

Pricing in DAMAC Hills 2 depends on property size, amenities, and location within the community. As well as the quality of construction, market demand, and the reputation of the developer, DAMAC Properties.

Residents enjoy a wide array of amenities. This includes fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, parks, sports facilities (tennis, basketball, cricket), hydroponic cafés, and community centers.

Residents have easy access to attractions like the Expo 2020 site, TIGC Golf Club, Global Village, and Al Qudra Lake. To add, Al Marmoom Heritage Village, and various local landmarks, museums, and dining spots.

The development's central location, luxurious amenities, and affordable prices. To add, investment potential, and high rental opportunities make it a compelling choice for investors seeking a profitable venture.

DAMAC Hills 2 offers diverse living experiences through clusters like The Retreat, The Hills, The Residences, and Amargo. Each cluster suits various lifestyle choices, from serene living, proximity to city attractions and family-oriented residences.

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