A Complete Guide for Renting Property in Dubai

renting property in dubai

Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of renting your perfect space in Dubai's bustling landscape?

Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Whether it’s a stylish apartment, a cozy studio, or a spacious two-bedroom haven – finding your ideal rental in this vibrant city might seem like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Fear not! We’re here to demystify the entire process for you. Join us as we delve into the various property types, step-by-step renting process, legal insights, and the costs and fees of renting in Dubai to guide you from start to finish and ensure a smooth rental experience in Dubai.

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Property Types in Dubai

Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Dubai offers a variety of properties for rent options ranging from mid-range and affordable accommodations to luxurious properties available for rent, the city ensures a diverse selection.

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Residential Property Types in Dubai

Dubai’s residential property market offers diverse options for every preference and budget. These include:


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Commercial Property Types in Dubai

Office Spaces – These cater to businesses of all sizes and styles, from co-working spaces to Grade A offices in iconic locations like the Burj Khalifa and DIFC.

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Luxury Properties in Dubai

Dubai boasts luxurious properties such as:

  • The Burj Khalifa – Offering various residential units with opulent amenities and breathtaking views.
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Affordable Housing Options

Contrary to what most people think, Dubai offers affordable housing options like:

  • Government Initiatives – Projects such as the Dubai Affordable Housing Strategy aim to provide budget-friendly housing.
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Renting Process Step-by-Step Guide for Renting Property in Dubai

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1. Search and Shortlist Property Listings

Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Kickstart your hunt for the perfect residence by exploring available listings on renowned platforms. Listings encompass a variety of residential property types such as apartments, townhouses, villas, penthouses, and hotel apartments, each catering to unique preferences and budgets. Listings offer detailed information, including annual rent, location, room count, furnished or unfurnished status, amenities, nearby facilities, and more.

renting property in dubai

2. Visit the Property

Arrange viewings with agents or landlords once you’ve shortlisted potential properties. 

  • Examine the property thoroughly, checking fixtures, fittings, and maintenance status.
renting property in dubai

3. Make an Offer

After evaluating various apartments for rent in Dubai or other residentials, finalize your choice and negotiate lease terms. Landlords often offer lower annual rent for fewer cheque payments, but ensure your commitment aligns with the duration of the lease.

renting property in dubai

4. Reserve the Property

Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Reserve your chosen property by paying a refundable security deposit (typically one month’s rent or 5% of the rent). Ensure to obtain a receipt for the deposit, preserving it for future reference or potential refund purposes.

renting property in dubai

5. Review and Sign the Tenancy Agreement

Carefully review the tenancy contract for your rental property ensuring it complies with Dubai’s tenancy laws. Verify that all agreed-upon terms are clearly stated and understood by both parties. Upon mutual agreement, sign the contract, submit rent cheques, agency commission, and obtain receipts for each payment.

renting property in dubai

6. Register Tenancy Contract with Ejari

Register your tenancy contract with Ejari to establish its legal validity in Dubai. Essential documents for registration include the original tenancy contract, landlord’s title deed, passport copies of both tenant and landlord, and the tenant’s Emirates ID.

renting property in dubai

7. DEWA Setup and Move-In

Initiate the setup for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) services to activate water and electricity connections in your new residence. Pay the necessary security deposit and activation charges through DEWA’s online portal for a swift setup.

renting property in dubai

Furnished vs Unfurnished Rental Properties Guide for Renting Property in Dubai

Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Renting a home in Dubai involves an important decision. It is choosing between furnished or unfurnished property. This choice is influenced by personal preferences, budget constraints, and individual needs, both offering their own advantages and drawbacks.

Property TypeFurnishedUnfurnished
Studio Apartment for rent in Dubai
26,000 AED/yr
18,000 AED/yr
1-2 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai
34,000 AED/yr - 60,000 AED/yr
26,000 AED/yr - 38,999 AED/yr
Villa for rent
200,000 AED/yr
150000 AED/yr
120,000 AED/yr
110000 AED/yr
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Legal Guidelines for Renting in Dubai Guide for Renting Property in Dubai

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Guide for Renting Property in Dubai. Before entering into any agreements for your chosen property, it's imperative to familiarize yourself with the tenancy laws overseen by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). RERA holds a significant role in overseeing and regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai.

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Outlining Rights and Responsibilities for Tenants

RERA’s tenancy laws offer an extensive guide for both tenants and landlords. According to Article 4 of Law No. (33) of 2008, registering tenancy contracts with RERA via Ejari ensures singular lease agreements per property. Furthermore, Article 6 facilitates an automatic extension of the contract if the tenant continues occupancy after the contract’s expiry, on the same terms for up to one year.

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Legal Duties of Landlords

Landlords are legally obliged to deliver properties in good condition and allow full tenant usage as per the contract (Article 15). Responsibilities encompass maintenance, repairs, and necessary restoration during the tenancy period (Article 16). Additionally, Article 18 necessitates landlords to provide requisite permits for property-related alterations for your apartment for rent in Dubai or any rental properties you chose.

renting property in dubai

Factors to Consider Before Renting : Guide for Renting Property in Dubai

Before thinking of Renting Property in Dubai, there are several considerations to think through to ensure a comfortable and suitable living arrangement.

  • Assess your financial situation to determine a feasible budget for rental properties like Renting Property in Dubai , factoring in other expenses like utilities, maintenance fees, and potential fluctuations in living costs.
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renting property in dubai
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The city offers diverse property types, including apartments for rent in Dubai, villas, townhouses, office spaces, retail spaces, and warehouses. These cater to various needs, preferences, and budget ranges.

DAMAC Hills offers various property types. That is, including villas, townhouses, and apartments, within a golf-centric community.

The renting process in Dubai involves searching and shortlisting properties, visiting and evaluating chosen properties, making an offer, reserving the property with a security deposit, signing the tenancy agreement, registering the contract with Ejari, and setting up DEWA services.

Before renting in Dubai, it's crucial to understand RERA's tenancy laws that outline the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. These laws cover contract registration, extensions, landlord obligations for property maintenance, and tenant rights during the tenancy period.

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